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Dasra is India's leading strategic philanthropy foundation working with
philanthropists and social entrepreneurs to create large scale social change
Dasra In Action



Dasra is proud to announce the 2nd edition of the Dasra Girl Power Awards (2014-15). This year, the Awards will recognize innovative and impactful programs that work with adolescent girls in three distinct areas of interventions – Sanitation, Employability and Safety & Mobility. Applications are currently closed. Information on selected organizations will be displayed soon.


Dasra in
Annual Report


"Dasra in 2013-14" is our first annual report, showcasing Dasra's work over the past year as well as its impact over 15 years. The report outlines Dasra's objective for building partnerships with stakeholders across the social sector, with the vision of creating large-scale social change in India.
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Week 2015

The Dasra Philanthropy Week (DPW) is India's leading philanthropy event bringing together philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, foundation heads and government officials to collaborate, discuss and discover path-breaking strategies to address  challenges faced in India. This year will be focused on taking Governance from  from GOOD to GREAT.  For more information on registering, speakers and agenda  Click here.

Be Bold,

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rules in the Companies Act, 2013 will forever change the way CSR is conducted in India. Beginning in April of 2014, large and medium-sized companies will be required to spend 2% of their profits on charitable causes. This represents both a challenge and an opportunity for more than 16,000 registered companies that will be affected by the law. Be Bold, Take Action, written by Marc Epstein, Kristi Yuthas and Deval Sanghavi, is a guide to the Companies Act and will help you comply with the law and scale social impact. Download it.