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December 14th 2013: 10 of the biggest social entrepreneurship stories from 2013 - Social Story

Here is a list of innovative and new social entrepreneurship stories of this year. Educate Girls' launch of social impact bonds supported by Dasra has also been highlighted. Click here.

December 11th-18th2013: 16 million women in India forced into sex trade

Together with The Hummingbird Trust and Kamonohashi Project, we launched our latest report, "Zero Traffick" on the horrific yet uncomfortable to discuss issue of sex trafficking. With 16 million women forced into sex trade, it's time to put a stop before lives are enslaved.

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November 22nd 2013: Measuring Up: The Social Change Barometer - Knowledge and News Network

Impact Assessment manager at Dasra - Arjav Chakravarti emphasizes on the need for non profits to assess their impact. He also provides sufficient examples that provide insight into this social barometer. Click here.

November 14th - December 5th Dec 2013: Dasra Girl Power Awards – India's first ever awards to empower adolescent girls:

Dasra announced the launch of the Dasra Girl Power Awards that will recognize impactful and innovative programs that work with adolescent girls in three distinct areas of interventions – Health, Education and Life Skills. The 3 winners will each receive a cash prize of Rs 10 lakh. The winner in each category will be announced at a special panel at the Dasra Philanthropy Week in March 2014.

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October 7, 2013: Listed companies liable to put aside Rs 8,100 cr in FY13 for CSR

With the corporates putting structures and personnel in place, in line with new Companies Act, the effects of this trickling down have been explained. The articles share the viewpoints of corporates, non profit organizations and intermediaries.

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October 4-5, 2013: In India, a high-tech toilet that generates revenue

Dasra's Report – Squatting Rights highlighted on the grim situation of access to toilets and sanitation in the country. The articles below highlight the political debate and involvement and how technology can be one of the best solutions to tackle sanitation issues in India.

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Smart Planet Click here.

September 25, 2013: 17 ways to get an education in social entrepreneurship – The Alternative

Social entrepreneurship trainings are on the rise. Here is a list of all the social sector educational courses and how their curriculum can help create an impact at the ground level. Click here.

September 20, 2013: How Fabindia's business model has become a source of inspiration for startups – Economic Times

Though artisans form the backbone of India's rural economy, but this skill is gradually declining.Dasra placed spotlight on this topic by writing a report - 'Crafting a Livelihood' that looked at non profits who are working towards empowering these artisans and ensuring that the traditions are kept alive Click here.

September 16, 2013: The rise of Giving Circles in Asia – AVPN News

With the popularity of collaborative giving, here is an article that focuses on the rise of collective giving and the effectiveness of these giving circles. Giving circle models of Dasra and Social Venture Partners International have been discussed. Click here.

September 5, 2013: 7 social business incubators helping startups succeed – Social Story

Mere funding is not the only need of nonprofits and more importantly start-ups. There is a strong necessity to provide hands-on assistance and training to these organizations and here is a list of social entrepreneurship training programs.Click here.

September 1, 2013: The Power Exchange – Entrepreneur Magazine

For the anniversary issue, the Entrepreneur magazine selected sector experts to ask questions to their peers. Neera Nundy of Dasra interviews Director of Thermax, Anu aga and discusses on the relation between giving and business.Click here.

September 1, 2013: The other face of the falling rupee – Hindustan Times

While the Rupee consistently tumbles against the Dollar, Deval Sanghavi explains the effects of this on charity and giving. Click here.

August 28, 2013: Indian Public Service: a forgotten army – Hindustan Times

Based on a personal experience, the author explains the dip in the public service sector and its limitations. He also highlights statistics from Dasra report – Making the Grade that is focused on the urban education in public schools. Click here.

August 24, 2013: Crafting livelihoods – Business Standard

Dasra's recently launched report Crafting a Livelihood has been placed on spotlight. The author also discusses on the different solutions and organizations working in this sector. Click here.

August 24, 2013: 'Sometimes, the people that don't have anything have the best ideas' – Money Control

Innovators and entrepreneurs from the non profit and social business space have been highlighted. Leaders from UnLtd. India and Milaap speak about their journey to the entrepreneurial path. Click here.

August 23, 2013: Armida Fernandez: lessons in scaling – Mint

With maternal and child healthcare at the heart of its program, SNEHA founder Dr. Armida Fernandez elaborates on their work in the sector. She also highlights the role of monitoring and evaluation and institution building for NGOs. Click here.

August 22, 2013: Philanthropic funds find their way to legislative briefs – People Matter

With the philanthropic community getting smarter and selective on their funding, NGOs take it to the next level by providing them the necessary tools to make their decision process smooth and easy. Click here.

August 21, 2013: Welcome Change – The Hindu

Deval Sanghavi from Dasra speaks on philanthropic investment model, Dasra and the aim to bring rigor and discipline to the NGO sector. Click here.

August 21, 2013: Venture capitalism and philanthropy – Mint

With the announcement of the new company law that focuses on CSR, Deval from Dasra shares his insights and how this can affect philanthropy. Click here.

August 20, 2013: Philanthropic funds take different route – Mint

Dhaval Udani of Give India speaks about Dasra and makes a comparison to Ashish Dhawan's new venture capitalist model, Central Square Foundation (CSF). Click here.

August 12, 2013: New company law to change CSR landscape– Mint
With the announcement of the new company law that focuses on CSR, Deval from Dasra shares his insights and how this can affect philanthropy. Click here.

August 09, 2013: To the aid of crafts– The Hindu
Aiding the crafts sector has become the need of the hour. Author GirijaShivakumar writes on the issue of arts and crafts and discusses different solutions that can help give life to this sector.Click here.

August 05, 2013: Valuing the life-giver– Business India
Karan Malik from Dasra writes on the maternal & child healthcare and adolescent girl empowerment in this Business India column. He highlights the need for corporates to step in to improve the situation of women in the country.Click here.

July 30, 2013: Where teachers move up along with students– Today Online
Dasra portfolio organization – Muktangan has been featured in this article. The Founders of Muktangan and Dasra's Partner and Co-Founder, Deval share their experiences of the growth process. Click here.

July 28, 2013: Delivering a jolt to India's teacher training – The New York Times
With Muktangan at the center of this article, the author also highlights some human stories and the journey of the founders teamed with an interview and quotes fromDasra's partner and co-founder – Deval Sanghavi.Click here.

July 28, 2013: RohiniNilekani Sells Infosys Shares, Raises $27 Million For Charity– Forbes
Rohini elucidates on her move to sell Infosys shares and raising money for charity. Deval from Dasra comments on Rohini's commendable move. Click here.

July 28, 2013: Raising roofs for the homeless – The New Indian Express
Dasra Giving Circle recipient – Shelter Associates discuss on their goal to improve the toilets and sanitation situation in the slums of Pune. Click here.

July 26, 2013: Dasra releases India's Art and Craft sector report – India Infoline
Dasra's recently launched Crafting a Livelihood reports has been highlighted. The article also discusses on the status of arts as a livelihoods option in the country. Click here.

July 19, 2013: Smarinita Shetty of Dasra, on her plans for their collaborative efforts with USAID & Kiawah Trust – Social Story
Smarinita Shetty who recently joined Dasra as Director to lead the Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn Child Health and Adolescent Girls team, speaks on the road ahead for the joint efforts with USAID &Kiawah Trust. Click here.

July 3, 2013: Sport in development is a good investment – Sport and Dev
Recently launched Dasra report – Power of Play has been featured in this article. The write-up also focuses on immediate and long-term returns that sport can have on youth development. Click here.

July 1, 2013: The Declining Legacy of India - Rural Artisans– CSR & Competitiveness Magazine
With the dying custom of arts and crafts, Dasra's report explores the reasons as to why this livelihood option is no longer lucrative.Click here.

July 1, 2013: Smarinita Shetty to Lead Dasra Partnership with USAID & Kiawah Trust– CSR & Competitiveness Magazine
In move to support the mission for reproductive, maternal and child healthcare, Dasra joins hands with the USAID and Kiawah Trust to address this issue. Smarinita Shetty joins as the director to lead this undertaking. Click here.

July 1, 2013: WomenChangeMakers India Hosts a Thematic Discussion on "Creating Corporate-Social Partnerships for Women's Empowerment" – India CSR
Deval Sanghavi of Dasra spoke at the WomenChangeMakers India's "Creating Corporate-Social Partnerships for Women's Empowerment". The event also placed spotlight on all public sector undertakings to set aside 2% of profits as funds for corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Click here.

June 24, 2013: Innovative Financing – Business India
Akshay Mandan from Dasra elucidates on the concept of pay by results and throws in examples from the field on how this innovative mode of philanthropy is taking root in India. Click here.

June 22, 2013: How to Empower Young Girls in India – Forbes India
On the theme of empowering girls, author Meera Shenoy provides suggestions that can improve the state of these girls in the country. She also highlights Dasra's report on empowering adolescent girls in India – 'Owning her Future' that validates with her study on the field Click here

June 18-20, 2013: Crafting a livelihood, a snapshot of the Indian artifacts sector –
Crafts is a dying sector that needs urgent attention. Dasra's report on 'Crafting a Livelihood' has been highlighted in this series of YourStory with a backdrop of statistics and information about the state of these artisans.

Article 1
Article 2
Article 3

June 14, 2013: How Subhas Dhar's Gudville is trying to help philanthropy make business sense – Economic Times:
Subhash Dhar, an ex- Infosys employee launched his website - 'Gudville' that focuses on bridging the gap between funders and organizations. Deval Sanghavi from Dasra shares his opinion on retail giving and what impact it can have on the sector. Click here

June 11, 2013: The Girl Child – A Shameful Truth - Talking Issues Blog:
A very strong article that portrays the state of girls in India and how can we empower these adolescents. Right from dowry to child marriage and female feticide has been discussed in this blog post. Click Here

June 10, 2013: India takes centre stage in Impact Investing – Times of India:
While impact investing becomes the buzz word, Dasra takes it a step ahead with the announcement of $800,000 Impact Economy Innovations Fund (IEIF) grant award to six organizations building the ecosystem for impact investing in India. Click here.

June 1, 2013: Philanthropy in India today – Alliance Magazine:
With a spotlight on statistics on Philanthropy, Alison Bukhari from Dasra shares her opinion on giving trends and how it can be taken a level up. Click here

May 27, 2013: Integrate New Ideas – Business India
Manas Ratha, Director at Dasra highlights the work of social businesses and in relation also discusses the Impact Economy Innovations Fund (IEIF) grant. He also mentions of some innovative solutions that can create impact at scale. Click Here

May 27-28, 2013: Dasra grants $800,000 to six organizations supporting social biz in India:
Dasra announced the $800,000 Impact Economy Innovations Fund (IEIF) grant award to six organizations building the ecosystem for impact investing in India.The grant aims to build stronger infrastructure for the fast growing impact investing industry in India that can provide scalable and sustainable solutions to help the 600 million people living in poverty in India.


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May 23, 2013: Business, Social Change Leaders Convene at Dasra Philanthropy Week – India West
The highlights of the Dasra Philanthropy Week have been mentioned in this article. Our alliance with USAID, Kiawah Trust has also been elucidated.Click here.

May 23, 2013: The Declining Legacy of India – Rural Artisans: Report – India CSR:
Dasra's report - 'Crafting a Livelihood' presents some stark realities about the state of rural artisans and craftspeople in the country. The report not only brings out the issues, but also discusses interventions and solutions that will help uplift the sector. Click here.

May 22, 2013: Dasra lets Indian Philanthropists Help Build and Empower India – NRI Press:
Vishal Kapoor from Dasra discusses about the engagement of Dasra with Shelter Associates that has been selected and empowered with funding to provide Urban Sanitation Solutions in Pune.Click here.

May 20-21, 2013: Giving birth to new life
In a move to empower adolescent girls and improve the reproductive, maternal, newborn child health, Dasra appoints Smarinita Shetty as Direct for their Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn Child Health and Adolescent Girls (RMNCH+A) mission.

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India Infoline Click here.
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May 20, 2013: Reinventing the Art of Giving – A New Model Of Philanthropy – India Writes:
With references of shocking statistics and information, the author throws light on the giving trends and philanthropy as a whole. Radhika Nayar and Arjav Chakravarti from Dasra discuss on trends in philanthropy and impact assessment processes. Click here.

May 17, 2013: Returning to the land of opportunity – Telegraph
In the part two of the series on India, author, Mick Brown places spotlight on Indians born in the West and who are moving back to India and venturing into a path of exciting and innovative careers. Deval Sanghavi, Partner and Co-Founder of Dasra, explains his reasons on the movement to India and more particularly the development sector. Click here.

May 16 - 17, 2013: Power of Play makes India's youth socially responsible and employable
The Power of Play report was recently launched by Dasra that focuses on using sports as a development tool. Sports' universal appeal has led to sport gaining recognition as a simple, low-cost and effective medium for achieving key developmental goals for children and youth. The Freepress Journal. India CSR.Click here.
India Infoline.Click here.
Chennai Patrika.Click here.
Indian Sports News. Click here.
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May 12, 2013: Mixing business with culture – Business India
Gayatri Divecha from Dasrawrites about the situation of crafts people in the country and highlights solutions and the involvement of commercial approaches and Government. Click here.

May 8, 2013: Low wages to rural artisans lead to migration – SME Times
Decline in rural artisans is startling and there are various reasons to this diminishing trend. Dasra wrote a report entitled 'Crafting a Livelihood' and the different organizations who are working towards building sustainable livelihoods, so that artisans do not feel the need to migrate from this sector. Click here.

April 26- May 18, 2013: 1,500 toilets to come up in three years in city's 14 slums
Dasra recently closed the giving circle for the issue of toilets and sanitation and the members of the circle chose Shelter Associates to receive the grant of Rs. 3.5 crores for a period of three years. In the next three years, the Pune-based organization will construct 1,500 toilets in 14 Pune slums to change the habits of 22,000 people

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April 26, 2013: NGOs help the rich to be more charitable - Times of India:
The Dasra Giving Circle model is highlighted in this article that talks about how organizations like Dasra and Give India are helping philanthropists to give in a more structured and strategic manner. Click here.

April 16, 2013: Philanthropy in India Is Taking Its Own Route - Knowledge @ Wharton:
Dasra Philanthropy Week and its highlights are mentioned in this article. Radhika Nayar from the Indian Philanthropy Forum team at Dasra discusses the role and impact of philanthropy in today's date. Click here.

April 9 26, 2013: Kavya Program to Foster Female Leadership in Politics and Development - Social Story:
Kavya, a workshop for 25 passionate and talented young women aims to inspire, empower and engage in women in Policy & Social Development. Dasra Partner and Co-Founder, Neera Nundy was chosen to speak at the conference. Click here.

March 31, 2013: Not a Zero-Sum Game Anymore – Business India:
Dasra's Pakzan Dastoor features in Business India's Guest Column on philanthropic trends, value of CSR activities and the role of corporates on society. Click here.

March 28, 2013: Philanthropy week highlights need for more social collaboration in India - Alliance magazine
The number 'One' is obsolete now as collaboration takes a prominent stand in the philanthropy and social sector. Somya Deshpande from Dasra highlights the Dasra Philanthropy Week 2013 successes and elucidates further on collaboration. Click here.

March 26, 2013: A Conversation With: U.S.A.I.D. Administrator Rajiv Shah - New York Times:
USAID Administrator Dr. Rajiv Shah speaks more on the work in the development sector in India. He also throws light on the USAID, Kiawah Trust and Dasra Alliance. Click here.

March 26, 2013: The Rockefeller Foundation Creates Dedicated Fund for Social Enterprise And Impact Investing Growth In Asia - Social Enterprise Buzz:
Dasra, Omidyar Network, and The Rockefeller Foundation launched the Impact Investing Forum. The partnership announces a $400,000 grant that will be dispersed to 3 to 4 proposals. Click here.

March 24, 2013: Helping others do good – Rajasthan Patrika:
Dasra's model on philanthropy and social entrepreneurship has been explained in details. With inferences to the statistics, this article explain more about giving trends and state of philanthropy in India. Click here.

March 20, 2013: India's billionaire club slow to share riches – NDTV:
India now has 55 dollar billionaires, the fifth-biggest number in the world, according to a Forbes ranking this month. However, like other emerging economies it's charitable giving still lags behind. The article find out why. Also quoted is Dasra Social Impact Director, Manas Ratha. Click here.

March 20, 2013: India's billionaire club slow to share riches
India now has 55 dollar billionaires, the fifth-biggest number in the world, according to a Forbes ranking this month. However, like other emerging economies it's charitable giving still lags behind. The article find out why. Also quoted is Dasra Social Impact Director, Manas Ratha. Click here.

March 18, 2013: 10 years, 25000 organizations and crores of investment – Dainik Bhaskar:
This article in DainikBhaskar highlights the work of social businesses and cites the excellent work of few leading social business firms.  Click here.

March 14, 2013: Magic Bus: Reaching out to slums with sport
The NGO introduces sport into slums as a medium for bringing children together and imparting lessons. Magic Bus’s Matthew Spacie, board member at Dasra, talks about the difficulty of sustaining and growing Magic Bus over the past 14 years and the complexity of its model. Click here.

March 13, 2013: USAID, Dasra launch $14 mn program for women
USAID, UK's Kiawah Trust and India's Dasra launch $14 million partnership to address the healthcare needs of adolescent girls, mothers, newborns, and children in India. Click here.

March 13, 2013: Why Don't India's Rich Do More for Charity?
India’s wealthiest citizens may be rising forces in the new world order, but their charitable giving is lagging behind. This article by Sophie McBain looks at the measures being taken to end this subcontinental thrift and how Dasra is aiming to tackle this problem by supporting charities with capacity building. Click here.

March 12, 2013 : Measuring Impact - Do Non-Profits Do It better?: Reflections on Dasra’s Philanthropy Week
The number of millionaires in India is growing. The increasing number of high net worth individuals interested in philanthropy along with the growth of corporate foundations in India means that the social sector will receive an infusion of capital to test new ideas and expand existing programs. Dasra's Philanthropy Week, which recently took place in Mumbai, is a unique forum in India to compare a number of social enterprises to the standards of these high impact philanthropists.
Next Billion. Click here.
Health Market Innovation. Click here.

March 11, 2013: India, U.S. Renew Commitment to End Preventable Child Deaths USAID’s Shah and Indian health official Anuradha Gupta announce new efforts to end preventable child deaths. USAID announced two new alliances totaling up to $24 million. The alliance with Dasra and Kiawah Trust will generate knowledge, foster innovation and build local capacity for interventions that reduce maternal and child mortality. Click here.

March 11, 2013: Indian Philanthropy Forum 2013 Focuses on Adolescent Girls, USAID The theme emerged through every session: the empowerment of adolescent girls, along with  announcing a new partnership on that very topic: USAID, the Kiawah Trust of U.K., and Dasra, have launched a $14 million partnership to address the health care needs of adolescent girls, mothers, newborns, and children in India. The alliance will focus on fostering innovation, improving health outcomes, and scaling high impact interventions. Click here.

March 2013: USAID, The Kiawah Trust and Dasra partnership
The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Kiawah Trust of U.K., and Dasra, launch a $14 million partnership to address the healthcare needs of adolescent girls, mothers, newborns, and children in India.
The Freepress Journal. Click here.
Humanitarian News.Click here.
Aid News.Click here.
Relief Web.Click here.
World’s Luxury Guide. Click here.
Witty sparks. Click here.
Reporter Link. Click here.  
World News Inc. Click here.

March 8, 2013: $14mn tie-up for healthcare of women, kids – DainikBhaskar:
USAID, Kiawah Trust and Dasra launch $14 million partnership to address the healthcare needs of adolescent girls, mothers, newborns, and children in India. Click here.

March 7, 2013: Interview with Manas Ratha, Director, Dasra Social-Impact at the Dasra Philanthropy Week 2013
Manas Ratha, director, Dasra Social Impact, explains what is impact investing and how can philanthropists use it to unlock potential in various sectors. Click here.
Live Mint. Click here.
Frequency. Click here.

March 7, 2013: Impact Investing likely to grow at 30% annually
The article covers key points from the Rockefeller Foundation presentation to Dasrathat were shared with Mint during the Dasra Philanthropy Week. Click here.

March 7, 2013: $14mn tie-up for healthcare of women, kids
The US agency for international development and Dasra have partnered to addressing maternal and child mortality byimproving health outcomes, and scaling high impact interventions. Click here.

March 6, 2013: Mint has carried an article on the annual growth expectancy of Impact Investing. Their interview with Arpan Sheth from Bain & Co. also mentions Dasra's Philanthropy week.
Impact Investing.Click here.
Dasra's Philanthropy Week.Click here.

March 6, 2013: The art of giving
Midday reports on the final day of the Dasra Philanthropy Week that concludes with The Indian Philanthropy Forum (IPF), a gathering of over 200 leading philanthropists and business leaders. Click here.

March 5, 2013: How to engage beneficiaries in development programmes
From planning to evaluation, 13 recommendations for development groups.Also mentioned is Dasra's report on child malnutrition in urban slums.
Click here.

March 5, 2013: Forty Organizations get assistance of 110 crores in the last four years – DainikBhaskar:
Dasra has been working with high impact organizations to help them reach scale. In the process, these organizations have also received funding opportunities and resources to network. In the last four years, forty Organizations have received assistance of 110 crores.
Click here.

March 4, 2013: Green Shoots of Philanthropy in Asia.
Asian philanthropists are also leveraging the capacities of commercial actors such as Dasra who connects investors to small and growing businesses, and assist with business plans. Click here.

March 1, 2013: The power of more than one – Alliance Magazine:
Alison Bukhari from Dasra writes on the power of collaboration that is pivotal at the donor levelto massif the impact. She also discusses the Dasra Giving Circle model and how it could help bring about a major change in the social sector. Click here.

February 2013: The Next Level
Dasra featured in The Intelligent Entrepreneur. Shruti Chakraborty  writes about who we are, what we do and how we started. Click here. 

February 25, 2013: Key recommendations for growing the social sector in India
Continuing the discussion from the Impact Investor Forum in Bangalore, Alison Bukhari, Director of investment Dasra shares her thought on the social sector growth in India. Click here.

February 23, 2013: Why our rich don't give enough
The article first published in Mint outlines why the rich are hesitant to give and the role and need fororganizations like Dasra. Click here.

February 20,2013: New Day featured at the 2012 Credit Suisse-National University of Singapore Philanthropists Forum
The panel explored the model of giving/investing circles that are taking root in a number of Asian countries and how such circles enhance effective philanthropy. Deval Sanghavi, Partner and Co-Founder of Dasra India was present as one of the panelists. Click here.

February 19, 2013: Limited edition: A look at the handicraft industry in India
Article outline the reason for declining craft sector. Dasra's report has been citied as well as a quote by our own Gayatri Divecha. Click Here

February 18, 2013: Mode und Maharadschas: Ein erster Blick auf Indiens Fashion-Branche
German Fashion Magazine reports on trends in the Indian Fashion Industry. Also mentioned is Dasra's recent report "Crafting a Livelihood". Click here

February 2013: Mobile Medical Vans: Overcoming India's Last-mile Health Care Challenges?
Mobile 1000 is the flagship program of the Wockhardt Foundation that involves the operation of mobile medical vans through remote rural regions in India and provide primary health care services. Dasra's own, Vishal Kapoor, portfolio manager, was part of the team that assessed, screened and audited the applications for the Inclusive India awards that recognize substantial contribution to social development. Click here
India Knowledge Wharton. Click here.
India News. Click here

February 2013: Mumbai to host Philanthropy Week
Over 600 leaders from different spheres will come together from Feb 28 – March 6 to discuss social problems faced by the country and how these can be addressed through strategic philanthropy.
MSN. Click here.
IndiaVision. Click here.
NetIndia123. Click here.
Yahoo! Maktoob News. Click here.
Calcutta News. Click here.
Taaza. Click here.
New Delhi News. Click here.
Mumbai News. Click here.
Yahoo! India. Click here.
Headlines India. Click here.
Sify. Click here.
News Track India. Click here.

February 08, 2013: Dasra Philanthropy Week kicks off at month-end

Dasra, India's leading strategic philanthropy foundation, is bringing together over 600 leaders from different spheres to discuss some of India's biggest social problems and how these can be addressed through strategic philanthropy and effective support to organisations on the ground. Dasra Philanthropy Week will be held in Mumbai from February 28 to March 6, 2013. Click here.

February 6, 2013: A Threadbare Existence –The Hindu
The Hindu reports on the decline of indigenous crafts and the plight of Indian artisans that have been marginalized by mass-produced consumer goods. Highlighted is also Dasra’s report on ‘Crafting a Livelihood: Building Sustainability for Indian Artisans’ as well as discussing growth opportunity in the Indian handicraft sector. Click here.

February 5, 2013: Earth 100, first company in the world to provide a commercial fleet of cars that run on 100% bio-diesel. Earth 100 is also a current Dasra Social Impact Cohort 7 participant. Click here.
Chennai online. Click here.

February 5, 2013: February 5, 2013: Op-Ed: Women, Rape, and Lack of Toilets- News Click
Opinion article by Sunil Bhatia, Professor and Chair of Human Development at Connecticut College. His work attempts to reformulate the concept of culture and identity in cultural psychology and human development. This article talk about sexual offence and anti-rape laws in relation to sanitary spaces where a mention and quote from Dasra's squatting rights report. Click here.

January 31, 2013: India Inc. Following the Thread of India’s Artisan - The Business of Fashion
Busines of fashion (BoF) reports on Project Renaissance, organzied by Vogue India , it is a collaboration between Indian artisans and international fashion brands. Also mentioned is Dasra’s recently released report ‘Crafting a Livelihood’ that focuses on the financial, environmental, social benefits of India’s artisan economy and the need to protect it. Click here

January 30, 2013:  Squatting Rights: The Importance Of Urban Sanitation In India – Indian Sanitation Portal
Growing slum populations and lack of toilets across Indian cities force over 50 million men, women and children to defecate in the open every day. The poor bear the consequences; in the form of ailing children, uneducated girls and unproductive adults, making these populations even more vulnerable, costing India 6.4% of its GDP. Squatting Rights is Dasra’s report that studies the urban sanitation ecosystem, one of India’s most critical development challenges. Click here.

January 2013: Rockefeller, Omidyar and Dasra Launch the Impact Investing Forum
Dasra, Omidyar Network, and The Rockefeller Foundation recently launched the Impact Investing Forum which was followed by the announcement of the India Impact Economy Innovations Fund (IEIF). The prime focus of the fund is to catalyze collective action and regional market development that will accelerate these market driven solutions for advancing social and charitable goals.

Rockfeller Foundation Backs Impact Fund - The Economic Times. Click here.
Rockefeller, Omidyar, Dasra Launch Forum For Investors - Hindu Business Line. Click here.
New Fund From Global Impact Investors - Business Standard. Click here.

Next Billion. Click here.
Ennovent Blog. Click here.
India Infoline. Click here.
United Black. Click here.
Rediff. Click here.

January 2013: Dasra and Bloomberg TV join hands to showcase catalytic social trends
Dasra, India’s leading strategic philanthropy foundation and India’s premier business news channel Bloomberg TV India announced an exclusive “Knowledge Partnership”. The partnership places focus on public understanding and opinion about the most path breaking people and developments that are shaping India’s social space.

India Infoline. Click here.
IndiaBlooms. Click here.
Sify News. Click here.
Media Avataar. Click here.
NewsWala. Click here.
NewsKerala. Click here.
CaclubIndia. Click here.
i4u News. Click here.
All Voices. Click here.
Indian Television. Click here.

January 2013:Vodafone Creates A ‘World Of Difference'
Vodafone India launched the 'World of Difference' (WOD) programme, a flagship initiative run by the Vodafone Foundation, for the second time in India. The WOD programme in partnership with Dasra will offer 25 Vodafone India employees a unique opportunity to work for 25 different NGOs spread across India.

Hindu Business Line. Click here.

Rediff. Click here.
MSN News. Click here.
This Week Bangalore. Click here.
India Infoline. Click here.
Greater Jammu. Click here.

December 27, 2012: Fix That Fits: What is the Right Evaluation for Social Innovation? – Forbes India
With impact assessment gaining its share of attention from the social sector, this article evaluates the necessity and complexity of the process. Dasra’s report ‘Measuring Up’ has been highlighted and it discusses impact assessment and its functioning in the Indian social sector. Click here

December 12, 2012: In conversation with ‘Dasra’- The catalysts for social change and partner with Mahindra’s Spark The Rise –
With the many NGOs in the space, everyone is aiming for the same limited funds. Mergers and acquisitions in the private sector are common, but is the NGO sector ready for such a concerted effort? Click here

December 9, 2012: How to Give it Away – Hindustan Times Brunch: Creating maximum impact on the ground has always been the motto of Dasra. Deval Sanghavi, Partner at Dasra gives his expert opinion on what one needs to keep in mind while giving away money towards charity. Click here

November 30, 2012: TOI Social Impact Awards 2012: Picking the true changemakers – Times of India
Dasra, GiveIndia and Guidestar India join hands with Times of India to shortlist and scrutinize the leaders from the list of the organizations that have applied for the TOI Social Impact Awards 2012. Click here

November 12, 2012: Sh*t matters - Alliance magazine: Alison Bukhari, Director Investor Relations, Dasra, places spotlight on the issue of sanitation. She brings out certain staggering facts and uncomfortable topics that are mentioned in Dasra’s report – Squatting Rights. Click here

November 1, 2012: For Goodness' Sake - Entrepreneur: While the social sector gets on an inclining path, here is an insight into the reason that drove these social change makers to this sector. Neera Nundy from Dasra highlights the challenges that social businesses have to face and she also discusses the solutions to the issues. Click here

October 26, 2012: E bole toh enterprise - Radio station 90.8FM: Dasra Partner and Co-Founder Deval Sanghavi was featured on radio station 90.8FM and he spoke about various aspects of giving, social entrepreneurship and Dasra's role in this sector. He also highlighted the team strengths and the plans ahead to bring in a social change. Click here

October 24, 2012: FEMAIL: Just not a material girl: Women are trading in their lucrative careers to make a difference to society – Daily Mail Online: Women are no longer limiting themselves to routine desk jobs and are embracing challenging roles and adopting the entrepreneurial spirit. Meet the women change makers who have given up their corporate roles and are leading social sector jobs. Click here

October 2012: Strategic steps forward in Indian philanthropy- Philanthropy Management: With the upsurge in high net worth individuals in India, collective giving and strategic giving is taking solid shape. Deval Sanghavi, Partner & Co-Founder at Dasra gives a comprehensive view of the state of philanthropy and what the future beholds. Click here

October 20, 2012: Kids suffer as some loos are dirty, others remain locked – Deccan Herald: Toilets and Sanitation deem to be a huge issue! The findings from our report - Squatting Rights have been mentioned in this article. Children at government schools across the country are bogged by this issue due to poor sanitation and availability of toilets. Click here

October 10, 2012: Mother Earth too intends to follow FabIndia model - Financial Chronicle: Arts and crafts have always been an integral part of the Indian society but it has hardly ever been promoted or highlighted. Gayatri Divecha from Dasra’s Advisory Research team places spotlight on some challenges and key solutions that will help in developing programs and boost the crafts sector. Click here

October 1, 2012: Lack of sanitation causes diseases sexual harassment, reveals survey - The Hindu: Sanitation poses many ordeals and issues in urban India and Dasra's report - Squatting Rights highlights problems such as diseases and sexual harassment. The report written in collaboration with Forbes Marshall puts forth shocking statistics that reveal the dire situation about sanitation. Click here

September 28-29 2012: Findings from Dasra's research report - Squatting Rights reveal startling statistics about the urban sanitation issues in the India. The report reveals that about 1600 children die daily due to lack of sanitation. Here are a list of online news articles that feature the statistics from the report:
Poor sanitation kills 1,600 children daily in India -
WSN Green Click here
City Bengalurru Click here
Daily Post Click here
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September 26, 2012: Government Spending is Ending Philanthropy as We Know It, and That is a Good Thing - PolicyMic:The highlights of the Clinton Global Initiative event are discussed and there is also mention of Dasra's involvement in developing in-country networks of local philanthropists. Click here

September 22, 2012: India is Mean - The Outsider - Bloomberg TV: Deval Sanghavi, Co-Founder & Partner, Dasra and Luis Miranda, Former MD, IDFC Private Equity and current Chairman, Centre for Civil Society were featured in the thought provoking debate talk show 'The Outsider with Tim Sebastian'. The debate titled “India is Mean” discussed the state of philanthropy in India and whether India's rich are doing enough for the poor.
Click here

September 26, 2012: Fostering the Green Shoots of Philanthropy in Asia - Huffington Post Blog: Author Jane Wales writes about the Philanthropy in Asia Summit and discusses on the highlights of the event.She also highlights Dasra's work in regards to connecting investors to social enterprises and how it creates an impact. Click here

September 6, 2012: Are Foundations neccessary? - Mint: The traditional 'hundi' model of giving and the newer methods of donation are compared in this article. Vidya Shah, Head & Executive Director, EdelGive Foundation, highlights the role of Dasra Giving Circle in the collaborative form of giving. Click here

September 3, 2012: MBAs and executive education programs are no longer restricted to corporates and businessmen. In today's evolving time, many representatives from the social sector step up and enroll for programs such as Dasra Social-Impact that hones their skills in order to function and serve better. Click here

September 2, 2012: Since 2010, Dasra Social-Impact has leveraged more than INR 15 crore in funding and provided over 4,000 hours of mentorship support to 48 social businesses across India. On the same lines of impact, Deval Sanghavi, Partner and Co-founder of Dasra highlights the work of social entrepreneurs and the impact investors in this field. Click here

August 29, 2012: Assessing impact of philanthropic work is quite uncommon and frowned upon as an unneeded input of effort and money. However with emerging rules of India's philanthropic sector, the term ‘Impact Assessment’ is gaining momentum and many people are wanting to know more about the terminology and its outputs. Click here

August 14, 2012: Girls most vulnerable in UP, Rajasthan, Bihar: Study: The article in Deccan Herald highlights the findings of Dasra’s report ‘Owning her Future- Empowering Adolescent Girls in India’ and brings into focus issues forcing girls to drop out of schools, especially in the three states of India where the problem is at its peak. Click here

August 5, 2012: Money invested into philanthropic activities is seldom analyzed and questioned. Breaking the stereo-types, Deval Sanghavi speaks on how it is absolutely fine to question on innovation, impact and scaling factors of the non profit organization. Click here

31 July, 2012: South Asia- A Hub for Social Entrepreneurship – Echoing Green (Blog post) - Read this blog that points to India becoming the global leader in social entrepreneurship and mentions Dasra as one of the established and impactful go-to incubators in India for social entrepreneurs.
Click here

July 31, 2012: Alison Bukhari, Director for Dasra writes on girl empowerment in India and discusses on collaborating internationally to tackle this issue. She also draws attention to the state of women in other countries and provides solutions and interventions that could potentially improve the situation of women. Click here

July 28, 2012: While 60 % of slums in Delhi do not possess sewerage facilities, Dasra’s report on the topic toilets and sanitation discusses the best interventions in the space and how philanthropic capital can create impact. More findings on urban sanitation and hygiene highlighted in the article. Click here

July 28, 2012: With the bogging sanitation issues in India, Dasra’s report entitled ‘Squatting Rights’ highlights the problem and suggests solutions and the organizations that work in resolving it. The preliminary findings of the report have been highlighted and also some more interesting facts have been presented. Click here

July 23, 2012: Omidyar Network gives a boost to the social sector with the announcement of $2 million grant to Dasra. Apart from expanding the size and scale of our operations, the grant is crucial in building a second-rung leadership team. Click here

July 8, 2012: Women and adolescent girls face a dismal situation in the country. Deval Sanghavi, Partner and Co-founder at Dasra discusses on how ignoring girls' development will have a damaging effect on India's growth.Click here

June 15, 2012: Getting proper sanitation facilities in India can be a big struggle. While the Dasra's advisory research team is busy working on a report on toilets and sanitation, here is an article that focuses on lack of toilets and its effect on women in the country.Click here

June 13, 2012: Our Dasra Social-Impact programme has been described in detail in this blog. It gives a clear overview on the program, past cohorts consisting of leading non profits and social businesses. Click here

June 10, 2012: Deval Sanghavi, Partner and Co-Founder of Dasra voices his expert opinion on teaching someone the art of giving and also highlights the significance of corporate social responsibility. He also explains as to how this education and sharing of knowledge can help one to maximize the money put in to solving problems. Click here

June 9, 2012: While donors are skeptical whether their money reaches the right cause, here are some non profits listed down who ensure that the money is put to good use. Organizations such as Dasra, Credibility Alliance, GiveIndia, Guidestar India, CharityZ and Samhita are highlighted for their work as donation intermediaries.Click here

June 1, 2012: Both emerging and established philanthropists in India are evolving in India and this was apparent in the third annual conference of the Indian Philanthropy Forum.Click here

May 30, 2012: Alison Bukhari, Director, Dasra Investor Relations discusses on capitalism and the role of social enterprises in this space. She also highlights on bringing the 'social' back into social enterprise and applying concerted efforts in the promotion of the blended capital approach.Click here

May 13, 2012: Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) launches their philanthropy service businesses in order to help the wealthy channel some of their cash into good causes. Deval Sanghavi shares his thoughts and speaks on the role of private wealth managers to do it the right way. Click here

May 13, 2012: Deval Sanghavi, Partner and Co-founder of Dasra shares his expert comments on micro-financing and philanthropic funding. He also guides and advises on the way ahead for social enterprises. Click here

April 26, 2012: Rural women get smarter in their business approach with the support of our Portfolio organization Mann Deshi’s - Mann Deshi Business School (MDBS). Vishal Kapoor from Dasra speaks more on Dasra’s involvement in scaling up, building systems and processes, and managing growth.
Click here

April 25, 2012: The expertise, adaptability and value of 'Repatriates' have been placed under the spotlight. Deval Sanghavi elucidates on dealing with the Indian system and abiding by the law in order to get things done quickly and efficiently. Click here

April 17, 2012: Chairman and Board of Advisers, Centre for Civil Society, Luis Miranda describes his experience at the Indian Philanthropy Forum's third annual conference. He also shares his and his wife's experience on being a Dasra Giving Circle member and their involvement in helping Muktangan.Click here

April 15, 2012: Deval Sanghavi, Partner, Dasra writes on being reasonable and unreasonable and its influence on the social sector's improvement. He posts some vital questions that focus on social entrepreneurship and the social change it can bring along with it. Click here

April 15, 2012: With an intention to transition strategic philanthropy into areas that are seldom looked at, the Indian Philanthropy Forum's third annual conference discussed topics such as toilets and sanitation, human rights and employability. This article in Business India provides an insight on the new approaches adopted and the shift in focus of the philanthropists. Click here

April 8, 2012: As strategic giving gains ground in India, this article offers an insight on the state of philanthropy and places spotlight on organizations such as Dasra, Give India and United Way who are catalysts in turning the art of giving into science. Click here

March 30, 2012: The discussions and sessions that occurred during the third annual conference of the Indian Philanthropy Forum have been well-described in this news piece by NextBillion. There is also focus on the two reports launched at the event – Owning her Future by Dasra and India Philanthropy Report 2012 by Bain & Company. Click here

March 26, 2012: Highlighting the various social issues along with a touch of humor, this article also features the Toilets and Sanitation panel held at the third annual conference of the Indian Philanthropy Forum. Click here

March 23, 2012: Speaking more on his book – Philanthrocapitalism, US Business Editor and New York Bureau Chief of The Economist, Matthew Bishop mentions Dasra to be an encouraging sign for philanthrocapitalism to take root in India. Click here

March 22, 2012: Deval Sanghavi, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Dasra speaks on Bain and Company's India Philanthropy Report 2012 and highlights the importance of education in creating a more employable workforce. He also speaks on global estimates that show that creating an educated workforce could potentially reduce poverty by 70 per cent. Click here

March 22, 2012: Arpan Sheth, Partner, Bain & Company and Dasra Board member explains the rise in the donations by the younger generation of philanthropists in 2012. Click here

March 21, 2012: Dasra Board member and Co-Founder of KL Felicitas Foundation, Social-Impact International and Toniic, Charly Kleissner elucidates more on impact investing and the role of entrepreneurs. Click here

March 20, 2012: Young philanthropist and executive vice-president of DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd, Aditi Kothari speaks about professionally run non-profit firms and highlights the role of Dasra in this sector. She also highlights India’s emerging philanthropic ecosystem and the significance of strategic thinking in terms of giving for charitable causes.Click here

March 18, 2012: In this guest column for Business India, Deval Sanghavi explains the need for role models in order to throw light on giving and philanthropy. Click here

February 11, 2012: In spite the many efforts put into girl education, the female literacy rate in rural Maharashtra is yet at a bleak 67.3%. This news report highlights the views from experts from the social sector. Deval Sanghavi, Co-CEO and Co-founder of Dasra, speaks more on the mindset of rural India. Click here

February 1, 2012: Co-CEO and Co-Founders of Dasra, Deval Sanghavi and Neera Nundy narrate their journey into the social sector space and place spotlight on strategic philanthropy. After having directed over Rs. 54 crore from high net-worth individuals to fund and scale up NGOs and social businesses, the founders speak about the road ahead for Dasra. Click here

February 1, 2012: Dasra was honored to host the revered philanthropist Dr. Peggy Dulany at the event entitled "Giving Forward – A conversation on strategic philanthropy" on January 30th 2012. Dr. Dulany speaks more on her plans on getting in touch with the next generation of philanthropists through Dasra. Click here

January 1, 2012: In this article 'Creating a giving culture', CEO of Dasra, Deval Sanghavi discusses on global philanthropy trends and why new Indian models of giving are to be created. He also addresses the non profit sector and advises on taking the onus for displaying a more transparent picture in order to engage with strategic givers. Click here

December 1, 2011: Co-founders of Dasra, Deval Sanghavi and Neera Nundy narrate their journey in to the social sector. They also explain on how Dasra is turning the art of giving into science. Click here

November 3, 2011: Many Indian businesses are embracing models that not only generate a social return but also reap profits. Deval Sanghavi, CEO, Dasra explains more on creating shared value and the role of NGOs, corporate social responsibility and philanthropy. Click here

October 27, 2011: Though India's economy is on the rise, but charitable giving is still lagging behind. Deval Sanghavi, CEO, Dasra explains how giving trends are not recorded. He also elucidates on Dasra's functioning and how it offers a greater impact with the funding and support received from philanthropists. Click here

October 11, 2011: Mint's Clarity Through Debate Conclave invited a panel of experts from various sectors. The discussion was titled as 'Social Responsibility: The Business Imperative'. CEO and Co-Founder at Dasra, Deval Sanghavi elaborates on the way Dasra functions in terms of appropriate analysis, strategic giving and devising a method that will offer the most bang for your buck. Click here

October 4, 2011: Philanthropists like Anu Aga, Hemendra Kothari, Sangita Jindal and Shiv Nadar have been highlighted in this article. There is also mention of their scions and how they have already cemented themselves in philanthropic activities. Deval Sanghavi, CEO, Dasra explains how the younger generation is more strategic in their approach. Click here

September 15, 2011: Eminent personalities from varied fields came together to select the winners for the Times of India Social Impact Awards. Deval Sanghavi, CEO at Dasra was involved in scrutinizing and short listing the deserving organizations for this award. Click here

August 31, 2011: Alison Bukhari, Director of Investor Relations at Dasra highlights a very interesting point in this article for Alliance magazine. She questions if India should be at the receiving as well as giving end in terms of philanthropy. She also briefly speaks about Dasra's Giving Circle and the organizations that have been selected. Click here

August 12, 2011: The Executive Vice President of DSP BlackRock Investment, Aditi Kothari writes for the Alliance magazine regarding the Indian Philanthropy Forum annual event 2011. She describes how it is imperative to mindfully speak about acts of giving. Ms. Kothari also highlights Dasra's role in the sector and how one should lend support to neutral NGOs like Dasra, which offers advice to both philanthropists and social businesses/NGOs. Click here 

August 9, 2011: Dasra was selected as one of the jury members to evaluate and select deserving organizations for the Times of India 'Social Impact Awards'. This article elaborates more on the selection process, criteria and the response received from the sector. Click here

July 24, 2011: In his article “Strategising Philanthropy,” Deval Sanghavi summarises some of the highlights of the Indian Philanthropy Forum 2011. The article talks about how important it is to dispel the myth that philanthropic giving isn’t transparent and lacks impact, and underlines how the IPF seeks to reach the full potential of philanthropy in India by focussing on key objectives. He also discusses what the IPF will achieve in the upcoming year. Click here

July 24, 2011: This article in Business India speaks about the second annual event of the Indian Philanthropy Forum 2011. Donations in India has been constrained and to add to the trouble there are one over 3.3 million NGOs in the country. The author also highlights the numerous NGOs' hard work and it also highlights the contribution by various donors. Click here

July 19, 2011: Alison Bukhari, Director of Investor Relations at Dasra, debates and questions if philanthropy conferences are mere talking shops or action stations. She also writes about the impact these conferences can have and how they relate to the actual fieldwork. Click here

July 2, 2011: The Indian Philanthropy Forum's 2nd annual event has been mentioned in this article of The Economic Times. The news piece speaks about the change in attitude in terms of giving and philanthropy. The author also highlights expert comments from industry leaders like Firoz Ladak, CEO of Edmond de Rothschild Foundation, Aditi Kothari, Executive vice-president of DSP BlackRock Investment Managers and Deval Sanghavi, CEO and co-founder of Dasra. Click here

July 1, 2011: This article in The Hindu highlights the journey of Deval Sanghavi and Neera Nundy and how Dasra came into existence. The author discusses about their experiences and the many challenges faced by them. It also describes Dasra's role in bridging the gap and highlighting the numerous acts of humanity. Click here

June 30, 2011: This article in Hindustan Times highlights some interesting facts that were released by Dasra's research report on malnutrition. The 66 page Nourishing our Future report states that thirty five per cent of children living in Mumbai’s slum are underweight. The article also places spotlight on the report statistics which mentions that nearly 72,000 babies are born with low-birth weight, less than 2.5kg, making them susceptible to infections and long-term malnutrition. Click here

June 30, 2011: This interesting article highlights the Bain & Company’s report which was launched at the Indian Philanthropy Forum Annual Event on 29th June 2011. The report also mentions that high net worth individuals in India give between 1.5% and 3% of their household income annually to philanthropy. This percentage happens to be less in comparison to counterparts in the United States, who donate around an average of 9%. Click here

June 1, 2011: Deval speaks about philanthropy in India and how Indians can help India. In this column for Alliance magazine, he discusses on the effect of Gates and Buffets and discusses on the impact that philanthropists in India and around the world can offer by way of strategic giving. Click here

May 25, 2011: The British Asian Trust, Dasra and HSBC held a panel discussion 'Women Helping Women, Helping Themselves' at the HSBC building in St. James's Street London. The panel discussion featured guest speaker, Chetna Sinha, an award-winning social entrepreneur and founder of the Mann Deshi Foundation and moderator Anjalika Bardalai, Senior Analyst for South Asia at the Economist Intelligence Unit. The panel discussion was an excellent medium for Ms. Sinha and British Asian entrepreneur and philanthropist Seema Sharma to share their experiences of working with women in India. Click here

March 24, 2011: Deval on NDTV Profit giving his expert opinion on the Gates and Buffet visit and how this will impact the philanthropic landscape in India. Deval said that Indian billionaires are already showing commitment towards giving and the Gates and Buffet visit will help to continue this dialogue with the rich in India taking ownership for social development and supporting innovative and path breaking non profits working in the country. Click here

Getting more bang from the buck, February 6, 2011: Deval's column in Business India talks about the need for philanthropic funding to be applied strategically  in areas such as project expenses and institutional building to generate maximum impact. Click here

Emphasis on oversight instead of incentives binds philanthropy, January 2011: Deval featured in the Mint, talking about tax issues faced by non profit organizations. Click here to read the article
NGOs challenged by capacity constraints, January 2011: Deval featured in the Mint highlighting the challenges of fundraising in India. He talks about some of the hurdles, while partner NGO's such as Muktangan, Sneha, Prerana, and Educate Girls talk about the specific issues they have encountered. Click here to read the article
Exploring old ways to solve new problems, January 2011: Neera mentioned in the Mint talking about the rising number of new age philanthropists and second generation givers in India keen on contributing towards causes they feel passionately about. Click here to read the article

150 years of philanthropy in India, January 2011: The January 14 article in the Mint series “The business of doing good” highlights the Indian Philanthropy Forum as one of the landmark developments in the Indian Philanthropy landscape". Click here to read the article

NDTV Panel Discussion- “Art of Giving”: December 2010: NDTV's panel discussion on philanthropy and big business- featuring Deval and the Dasra opinion. Can we lay down moral parameters to dictate how people should give? An expert panel discuss the Art of Giving. Click here to view this video

Towards Metamorphosis, December 2010: Deval’s column on the need for public-private partnership in the social sector. "Towards a metamorphosis. NGOs demonstrate a willingness to effect equitable growth in India". Click here to read the article

Beyond Profit: October 2010: The Indian Philanthropy Forum recent event on Impact Investing is profiled by Beyond Profit. Click here to read the article

Alliance Magazine: September 2010: Dasra contributes to Alliance Magazine's report on philanthropy advisory in emerging markets. Click here to read the report

CNBC: August 2010: Deval is interviewed by CNBC defending social business in the light of the controversial IPO of micro finance institution SKS. To view click here

Mint: August 2010: The Indian Philanthropy Forum is in the news in a Mint article citing the need for a philanthropy market in India to drive higher levels of strategic philanthropy. Read on

CS Monitor Magazine: June 2010: Dasra mentioned in CS Monitor Magazine in article on philanthropy in emerging economies. Click here to read the report

Forbes Asia: June 2010: Dasra's expertise in philanthropy drawn upon in Forbes Asia where Deval is asked to comment on last week's exciting news that billionaire Shiv Nadar has set a new benchmark in Indian philanthropy by donating $125 million to his foundation that focuses on education.Click here

Forbes Magazine & The Asian Age: June 2010: Nisa Godrej, founding member of the Indian Philanthropy Forum, is cited in Forbes Magazine and in The Asian Age mentioning her involvement with Dasra.

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors: June 2010: Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors highlight Dasra in an article about Dasra board member Charly Kleissner and his wife and fellow philanthropist Lisa, founders of Social-Impact International and partners in Dasra Social-Impact. Click here

Alliance Magazine: June 2010: Alliance Magazine covers the launch of the Indian Philanthropy Forum click here and promotes Rohini Nilekani's inspiring opening speech. Click here

Beyond Profit: May 2010: Beyond Profit seizes on the findings of the Bain report on philanthropy, launched at the IPF and reports on the need for Dasra's Indian Philanthropy Forum. Click here

Business India: April 2010: Business India provide an in depth analysis of the Indian Philanthropy Forum and giving trends in India. Click here

The HT: March 2010: The Hindustan Times studies Dasra's model and the upcoming Indian Philanthropy Forum, prior to the launch. Click here

The Times of India: March 2010: Indian philanthropy Forum Launch. Click here

The Afternoon: March 2010: The launch of the Indian Philanthropy Forum has coverage in several papers including. Click here

The Times of India: March 2010: 'I-bankers rush to welfare street' Deval speaks about the journey from Morgan Stanley to setting up Dasra and being the catalyst for social change. Click here 

Afternoon Dispatch & Courier: January 2010: An extended discussion on NGO effectiveness and Dasra's model in the Afternoon Dispatch and Courier. Click here

GQ Magazine: September 2009: 'Good business means being involved in your community...' Dasra is mentioned extensively in the Talk Money column in September's GQ magazine. Click here

The Afternoon: May 2009: Dasra board member, Dr Deepa Narayan's recent op-ed on poverty in the economic downturn: 'For the poor, there is nothing "nouveau" about tumbling into poverty...' Click here

India Today: April 20th 2009: Deval and Neera feature in the top 40 leaders in India Today's Youth Special Edition. Click here

Washington Times: March 20th 2009: Deval is quoted in the Washington Times. Click here

Global Asia: March 2009: Globe Asia features Dasra

Zee Business: March 2009: Deval profiled on Swadesh, a chat show on Zee Business. The program follows him in the office and at home to chart his experience living and working in the US and then deciding to come to India to start Dasra, and reasons behind this incredible move. 

The Houston Chronicle: February 2009: Dasra is front page of the Houston Chronicle

The Times, UK: January 2009: Deval comments on tours of Dharavi in the wake of Slumdog Millionaire

INSEAD Knowledge: December 2008: INSEAD Knowledge talk to Deval about social entrepreneurship

Time Out Mumbai: October 2008Deval talks to Time Out Mumbai

DNA: February 2007: DNA India article: ‘Helping them rise above their station’

Jewish Global News: December 2005: Dasra in the Jewish Global News

Larry King Live: January 2005: Dasra Co-founder Deval Sanghavi on Larry King Live