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Indian Philanthropy Forum
Dasra Philanthropy Week 2013

The Dasra Philanthropy week is designed to be India’s leading thought provoking platform where prominent philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, foundation heads, and government officials interact, discuss and collaborate to solve India's most pressing social challenges.


Highlights of DPW 2013


2013 Indian Philanthropy Forum

This year's conference focused on leading change, focusing on support, knowledge and networks. Highlights of the event included; the empowerment of adolescent girls; sports as a tool for development; anti-sex trafficking the role of corporate engagement and the need for difference organizations to collaborate on creating and building eco-systems around focused sectors.

Notable speakers like Tarun Jotwani, opened the forum with the challenges and milestones for the road ahead on philanthropy. Following up with panel discussions on the power of play, anti-sex trafficking, corporate engagement and cross sector alliances.

Read the highlights and key points on the Dasra Philanthropy Week 2013 here.


2013 Indian Philanthropy Forum
Prominent philanthropists were gathered on one stage to discuss impactful, scalable, sustainable solutions for social and development problems.
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Dasra Social-Impact Cohort 7 Presentations and Graduation

A evening blanketed with celebrations of accomplishments and success; and the first annual reunion of previous cohort alumni. Audiences included philanthropists, investors and leaders of corporate India who have been instrumental in giving their time, money and resources to take social entrepreneurship to the next level.

Watch them deliver their presentations, elevator pitches and catch some of the glitz of their special night. Click Here.


Dasra Social Impact Presentations and Graduation
Be inspired by their journeys and celebrate success with the participants of the DSI: Cohort 7
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Report Releases

Beyond Philanthropy: Towards a Collaborative Approach in India
Foundations in India have made tremendous contributions to social development and have potential to create greater social change. However, little is known about them and how they give. This year’s report traces the evolution of foundations in India and maps the current landscape in India to understand the trends, challenges and future needs to pave the way for a more collaborative future. View report.
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Power of Play: Sport for Youth Development in India
Sport, an exceptionally transformative and is fast gaining recognition as a simple, low-cost, and effective medium for achieving key development goals for children and youth. Age appropriate play contributes significantly to promote health, improve academic outcomes, foster gender equity, enhance social inclusion, and promotes employment. Catch the all the highlights and key points discussed here.

Written and presented by Bain partner, Arpan Sheth, this year's report covered a few issues in relation to philanthropic capital, impact measurement and communication. 3 key highlights were the · Communication between donor and NGOs on impact · Difficulty in measuring Impact · Aligning expectations of the NGOs and Donors over Impact creation
Read the full report for more information on the key points.


Other reports
Crafting a Livelihood
Squatting Rights
Owning Her Future


Research Report Releases
Documenting trends in philanthropy, highlighting sports as a tool for development and the need for collaboration between foundations. Find out all you need to know on the challenges sectors face.
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Panel discussions for the DPW2013 will focus on

Power of Play: Sport for Youth Development in India
The potential of sports as a tool to foster inclusive growth, mobilize and empower youth across the country is tremendous. Moderated by Vivek Ramchandani, Panelists Mona Shipley, Pratik Kumar, and Rekha Dey, the panel focused on the potential of sports as a tool of empowerment and the issues that surrounded it. Click Here

Corporate Engagement: Volunteerism
Rama Kannan, Burgess Cooper and Subhadra Khaperde, demonstrated the power of bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds through structured engagement programs with organizations in the social sector to share and the resultant benefits and impact that can be created; the example discussed was the Vodafone World of difference Program. Click Here

The Power of Collaboration
Ashok Advani , Zarina Mehta, and Dr Raj Shah, discussed and deliberated on steps taken towards global collaboration, the growing successes of cross-sector solutions between India, Africa and the US, as well as threats faced in these countries. Q&A and Dr. Rajiv Shah's speech can be viewed here.

Not for Sale: Eliminating Sex-Trafficking in India
A highly optioned panel voiced by Laura Entwistle, Dr. P. M. Nair; Sanjay Macwan, that showcased their work, conflicts, sociological challenges and how citizens can be involved in helping stop this human rights violation . The audience in the room was urged to be strategic in their approach, and focus on the things that create a strong impact. Highlights and key points can be found here.


Panel Discussions
Though provoking discussions on the challenges and solutions to mobilize sport for development, methods to end human trafficking and the need for collaborative philanthropic efforts.
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Speakers 2013