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Share your skills: Mentor a Social Entrepreneur

Participants that go through the DSI program need financial, strategic, and tactical mentorship to create strong business plans that enable them to access funding and scale their activities. Mentoring a DSI entrepreneur is an excellent opportunity to apply your experience and business acumen in order to help build a more just and equitable India. Your valuable guidance and expertise will contribute an enormous amount to the professional development of a social entrepreneur. In addition, working with a DSI organization provides an un-paralleled opportunity to participate in some of the most innovative solutions driving social change.

Role of a mentor
As a mentor you will work directly with a social entrepreneur, using your expertise to help them realize their visions and bring in social impact. You will offer advice and act as a sounding board. You will understand the challenges facing grass roots organizations; meet passionate individuals who care deeply about their causes and be a part of an incredible change making process. Many mentors develop a lasting relationship with the organization they support.

On an average, a mentor will commit 10 hours a month for online and telephone communications. In addition, you will be expected to meet your mentee for at least half a day each quarter during residential workshops.

Mentorship Skills
The skill sets required to be a mentor are many and wide reaching. In general, we are looking for mentors with skills in strategic thinking, human resource management, communications, finance and fundraising. In addition, individuals sponsoring social entrepreneurs will be given the first opportunity to mentor them. If you think you could be part of a pioneering network of mentors, advisors and social entrepreneurs,
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Mentor a Social Entrepreneur

...the program is a great opportunity to   use your existing business experience   and skills and put them to good use. It   was also a wonderful opportunity to   meet and work with some truly   remarkable people making a real   difference to the lives of those less   fortunate than ourselves” 

Mentor a Social Entrepreneur

I helped my mentee channel her   creativity and energy to build a viable   and goal oriented business model. It's   an enriching experience and I gained   insights into how social entrepreneurs   operate and the hars work that they   put in to build organizations.”
Abhijit Bhandari,
Angel Investor