Why Dasra?

Vision:  A transformed India where a billion thrive with dignity and equity


Mission:  Dasra drives collaborative action to accelerate social change



  • Lead a strategic philanthropy movement with powerful partnerships
  • Deepen impact in focused fields through scalable solutions
  • Foster a trust based network of stakeholders to grow social capital
  • Nurture uncompromising competence in a team inspired by social change
Social change is not an option. With 800 million lives at stake, it is a necessity.

For decades now, a range of social stakeholders - entrepreneurs, individual donors, foundations - has worked to lift India's 800 million people out of the cycle of poverty and exploitation. However, while there has been significant progress, much remains to be done.

This is because social change cannot be dealt with through honest effort or intent alone – it needs inspired and uncompromising competence that is performance-driven, optimizes resources, builds momentum and establishes benchmarks in delivering impact. And that is what Dasra brings to the table.

Dasra, which means 'enlightened giving' in Sanskrit, aims to be the common network that enables all the stakeholders to function at the top of their individual capacities, transforming individual strengths into a collective impact that exceeds the sum of the parts, ultimately improving the lives of 800 million of our fellow Indians.


Dasra is proud to have a team of over 80 passionate and committed change-makers who help create impact in the social sector. Our team members come from a range of backgrounds including social work, consulting, media, technology, and investment banking; Dasra harnesses their diverse skills to provide customized services for all our partners.

Our team includes graduates of Indian Institute of Management, Indian Institute of Technology, Harvard Business School, Yale and many more Indian and international universities. Team members have worked with organizations such as Deloitte, Edelgive Foundation, J.P. Morgan, KPMG, McKinsey & Company and Teach for India. Dasra’s alumni have gone on to make significant strides within the social sector by founding organizations such as Mirakle Couriers and Ankur Capital.

Over the past three years, the size of the team has increased threefold, which reflects the success of our ecosystem model as well as the tremendous challenges that still need to be addressed within the development sector in India.

We at Dasra are committed to working together to adapt, grow, and innovate to take on these challenges with expertise, humility, and a sense of humor.

Our Guiding Principles

Across everything we do, we look to scale solutions we believe will enable those living on less than USD 2 a day to have an improved quality of life, a right to equality, safety and personal freedom. Above all, we believe that social change is not an option. With 800 million lives in poverty in India, it is a necessity.

Each of Dasra's initiatives is united by our guiding values of trust, dynamism, excellence, integrity and going beyond the rational.


We depend on each other to achieve a common purpose of creating social change based on our ability, empathy and integrity.


We are adaptable to a constantly changing environment, being responsive to partner needs and market demands.


We strive to do our best in all that we endeavor to achieve, ensuring that the highest quality is delivered to all stakeholders.


We stay honest to our vision and aim to do the right thing by our partners and ourselves.


We are so driven towards catalyzing social change that passion is critical to our work and approach. This commitment goes beyond the rational.