Dasra has published over 500 reports, videos, articles and other communications that have played a critical role in shaping the narrative on development in India. Our research, due diligence and communications have informed and inspired thousands of funders in India and abroad, thereby channelling greater, more strategic funding for India’s development. Our extensive experience working hands-on with non-profits, funders and government in India means we are constantly aware of the on-ground realities and most impactful organizations, and are uniquely positioned to uncover insights and bring them to the attention of key stakeholders.


We are sector-agnostic, and work on a broad range of issues. We conduct secondary research, and undertake sector-landscaping and interviews with experts to funnel the voice of the sector and best evidence to decision makers. We have covered issues spanning from well-being of adolescents, to livelihood generation, child abuse and sports for development. Thanks to our field-building teams, we have especially deep experience and expertise within the fields of adolescents, sanitation and democracy and governance in India.

We build trust and inspire confidence in giving through our objective and rigorous diligence process. Depending on the depth of the engagement, we conduct compliance checks or delve deeper to assess institutional capacities that inform funders of the maturity and potential of non-profit partners. Our comprehensive due diligence process enables stakeholders to locate the most impactful partners for collaborative action.

Our research generates awareness and amplifies learnings using a range of innovative dissemination platforms. We leverage Dasra’s long-term relationships, insights, and in-house production and design capabilities to enable our partners to raise awareness about social issues, educate peer networks, and inspire collective action. We use innovative ways of storytelling to showcase our research such as audio-visual content, interactive platforms and articles in mainstream media. Our communications team leverages Dasra’s expertise in press relations, social and digital media to spotlight issues and influence key decision makers to drive change.


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