Episode 1 | Do you really want them to be sitting in front of an excel sheet? Asks Suparna Gupta

In the first episode of No Cost Extension, Deval sits down to talk to Suparna Gupta, the founder of Aangan Trust, a Mumbai-based foundation that works with vulnerable children. Listen in as they discuss what a no-cost extension really means, Suparna’s early years working with children and how Aangan grew, what she has learnt from her journey and of course, the usefulness of sitting in front of excel sheets.

Suparna Gupta is the Founder Director of Aangan Trust. Her career began in advertising , but when her volunteering experience at various shelters and homes from her childhood made her realize the strong need for the rehabilitation of institutionalized children, she moved to work in the development sector. In 2001, driven by her desire to work with this neglected population, Suparna left advertising to found Aangan Trust. Today, Aangan works with some of the most vulnerable children in over nineteen states across India.

This interview was recorded in early 2021.
Know more about Suparna's work at Aangan Trust at @Suparna_Aangan and @Aangan_Trust on Twitter. To get No-Cost Extension news and behind-the-scenes sneak-peaks, follow Deval Sanghavi at @Deval_Sanghavi on Twitter.

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