Episode 7 | Often we get stuck in taking these sides of are you a rights-based organization or are you a service delivery organization, the beauty is in looking at both sides, says Aakash Sethi

Deval Sanghavi speaks to Aakash Sethi, the CEO of Quest Alliance, a non-profit organization that equips young people with 21st-century skills. Aakash shares what it was like to grow up in a family dedicated to development work, what it means to him to build for a world where young people feel empowered and included, how to grow from loss, and the impact of COVID-19 on education in India. They also chat about how Quest has become one of the best places in the development sector to work in, and how important eating and sharing together is for a thriving work culture.

Aakash Sethi is the CEO of Quest Alliance. Aakash’s work experience in the private sector, working in companies like Microsoft reflects in the manner that he's built Quest, leveraging technology to improve the quality of education and to empower youth to navigate the future of work. He is integrating the culture, tools and practice of self-learning in the Indian education and vocational training system and transitioning teachers as champions of 21st-century skills. By doing so, institutions and teachers are enabling young people to experience purpose and autonomy and take charge of their own learning and career pathways.

This interview was recorded in early 2021.
To know more about Aakash Sethi and Quest Alliance please go to https://www.questalliance.net/.
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