Loren Cardeli is taking on the Food Industrial Complex

Loren Cardeli is Executive Director at A Growing Culture, a non profit that believes in food sovereignty for everyone everywhere and works with farmers to ensure they decide what to grow, where to grow it and who to sell it to.

Deval and Loren met at a Synergos retreat and found they had much to talk about and bond over, prompting Deval to invite Loren on to No-Cost Extension as a guest.

Listen to Loren talk about his growing years in New York City in a family that loved to argue, what made him buy a one way ticket to Belize and the experiences he had there that made him think more deeply about food, agriculture and the people who feed us.

Loren speaks passionately about the framing of language, providing farmers support to tell their own stories and working with them to reclaim their ownership across the lands they preserve. You can follow Loren on Twitter @LorenCardeli and A Growing Culture @agcconnect.

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This interview was recorded in 2023.
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