“With a large number of registered non-profits in India, understanding the key issues and who to support through your philanthropy can be bewildering. Dasra’s research reports on charitable sectors, due diligence of charities and on-going management assistance brings confidence to donors that their funding is making a real difference.”

-Maya Prabhu,
Executive Director for Philanthropy Services, RBS Wealth Division
Which issues should I fund?
What are the gaps where my funding can make a difference?
Which organizations are poised to scale?

This is a sampling of the kind of questions that stakeholders across the spectrum put to Dasra. And our answers come out of over 15 years of experience gained from engaging with 900 social organizations and 3000 corporates, philanthropists and foundations. We use this collective wisdom to create knowledge and provide insight that make your giving strategic and effective.

Dasra’s research is a culmination of thorough analysis, expert engagement and diligence on existing social programs in priority development areas. For any given issue, each report uses a rigorous selection framework to map the universe of social organizations and identify those with the greatest potential. Dasra then works closely with these organizations to build robust strategic plans that will help them achieve impact at scale.

Dasra also subsequently uses this knowledge to engage with leading media outlets such as The Times of India, The Hindustan Times, The Economist, Forbes and The Entrepreneur to mainstream development issues and expand strategic giving in India.


“At Hindustan Times, we take great pride in raising critical issues of national interest. Our association with Dasra helped us spotlight the issue of adolescent girl empowerment, and tell our readers about the phenomenal work of various non-profits in this area. We are determined to sustain this association, and to continue to strive for significant change in the lives of the 113 million daughters of India.”

-Shantanu Bhanja,
Chief Digital Officer, HT Media
organizations recommended for funding
research reports & white papers published
media articles
  • 660
    organizations recommended for funding
  • 70+
    research reports & white papers published
  • 597
    media articles

“Dasra has been a strategic partner of SNEHA since 2011. They have helped with budgeting, staff training, bringing new donors on board and providing SNEHA with numerous platforms to talk about our work. Dasra takes the trouble to understand ground realities, and provide valuable inputs and support to help the organization find solutions.”

-Vanessa D’Souza
What leadership skills do I need to grow my organization?
How do I prioritize strategic goals?
What best practices can I learn from my peers?

Leading and growing an organization is lonely, challenging and complex work. Dasra enables leaders to not only navigate these complexities, but also thrive and maximize their impact. 

At Dasra, we identify the most effective social organizations and equip them with skills, frameworks, know-how and networks so they can impact more lives, faster. We work with social organizations in two ways – Leadership Development Programs and Portfolio Support.

Leadership Development Programs

Dasra Social Impact is a peer learning-based initiative targeted at leaders of social organizations, to help them grow their organizations strategically and achieve scale. Based on a workshop format and using Harvard Business School case studies, these programs focus on multiple aspects of institution building such as strategy, fund raising, impact assessment and talent management. 

Sessions facilitated by Dasra, business leaders and practitioners foster discussions on best practices, leadership development and future direction for the sector. A close-knit alumni network ensures continuous learning and catalyzes a broad spectrum of partnerships.

leadership development workshops conducted
social organizations equipped with management expertise to scale
lives impacted
  • 56
    leadership development workshops conducted
  • 800+
    social organizations equipped with management expertise to scale
  • 20+million
    lives impacted

Portfolio Support

Organizations enter Dasra’s portfolio at a stage when they are poised to scale their impact. Over a period of 3-5 years, Dasra partners with them to sustain a growth trajectory leading to sector leadership. We work closely with their teams to plan and implement a growth strategy, forge partnerships, build second-line leadership, institutionalize key processes and evaluate impact. Currently, Dasra provides customized support to 13 organizations.

Organizations that have been in Dasra’s portfolio for at least two years have, on average, grown by:

  • 9x in direct beneficiaries reached
  • 5x in team size
  • 7x in program budget

“The Dasra Giving Circle is a lot like what we do in the private equity world -  you don't just give money to an organization, you also support it to meet its goals. Concentrated and long-term giving to one organization should create greater impact than cutting a cheque to various non-profits.”

- Fiona and Luis Miranda,
Dasra Giving Circle members
Which causes and organizations should I support?
Is my funding making a difference?
How do I partner with other like-minded funders to achieve greater impact?

Being a sensitive and effective funder can be difficult at the best of times. Dasra understands this and supports multiple funders – philanthropists, corporates, bilateral and multilateral agencies, foundations, impact investors – who are committed not just to giving but more importantly impactful giving. While they might come from varied backgrounds, they share a common sense of urgency to solve India’s most pressing issues.

Dasra provides funders with in-depth knowledge and diligence to drive intelligent funding to priority areas and the most high-potential social organizations. We convene some of the sharpest minds to share best practices, learn and build strong partnerships, to accomplish greater, faster social change.

Strategic Funding

- Dasra Giving Circles (DGCs)
Built on the idea of collaborative giving, the DGC reduces individual donor risk while multiplying impact, both by a factor of 10. Each DGC focuses on a specific issue, such as child malnutrition, sex trafficking or girl-child education, and brings together 10 philanthropists who each commit relatively small but equal amounts of funding – typically around USD 50,000 released over three years. This is used to fund, build capacity and monitor a particular organization.

Detailed analysis and comprehensive due diligence mean donors are confident their giving will make an impact, and our continued support to organizations reassures donors that their chosen project will be sustainable.

- Direct funding
We leverage Dasra’s robust repository of research reports and organizational data to supply sector knowledge that matches funders with organizations that are best aligned to the cause they support and the impact they want to create.

families assisted in strategic philanthropy
channeled through DGCs, direct funding and partnerships
social organizations funded
  • 300+
    families assisted in strategic philanthropy
  • USD60million
    channeled through DGCs, direct funding and partnerships
  • 213
    social organizations funded

Thought leadership forums
Our giving-oriented convenings, such as Dasra Philanthropy Week, are among Asia’s most respected events. They bring together prominent philanthropists, foundations, multilateral agencies, corporates and social entrepreneurs to deliberate and develop partnerships to turn the human development challenges of the present into nation-building opportunities of the future.

Dasra sees enormous – and long-term – value in crafting alliances between stakeholders who would normally never be drawn to the same platform. Banks and business schools. Newspapers and non-profits. Stock exchanges and philanthropists. Because it is in these historically unlikely alliances that we see the promise of historic achievement.

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