Plugged In: A Technology Solutions Handbook for Non-Profit Organizations

Building Institutions | Mar, 2017

Technology enables us to be more efficient, productive, knowledgeable and connected. Even in lower-income countries where basic services such as water and education may remain out of reach, people have access to a mobile phone. This growing ubiquity and potential make Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) a powerful and popular tool when serving hard-to-reach populations.

This report serves as an introductory guide for non-profit organizations looking to understand technology in program execution. It includes Dasra’s findings from in-depth interviews with experts, including those who have succeeded and failed at adopting ICTs in non-profit programs, those who have funded technology projects, and those who design and deliver technology services to non-profit organizations.

It is recommended that organizations evaluate how technology can address a problem, determine its relevance against organizational objectives, weigh related costs against perceived benefits and preempt implementation challenges.

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