Action Reaction II: Narratives of Backlash Against Adolescent Empowerment Programs in India

Adolescents | Sep, 2019

Given the paucity of literature on backlash globally, Dasra published Action Reaction I in March 2019, an exploratory story into the extent and forms of backlash faced by adolescents in India. The data revealed that both adolescents as well as implementing non-profits face backlash from gatekeepers within the community, with over 85% of organizations reporting at least one instance of backlash against their programs and participant girls.
Given the need for a deeper understanding of the subject, Action Reaction II undertakes a qualitative study that documents instances and triggers of backlash faced by CSOs working towards adolescent empowerment. The report identifies the various approaches and practices deployed by implementing CSOs to mitigate and address backlash. It also emphasizes the impact backlash has on funding and policy – thereby making a case for backlash management to be included as an essential component of adolescent empowerment programs.

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