Count Me In

Building Institutions | Mar, 2019

Inclusive development holds the key to India achieving its commitments under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The term ‘inclusive’ refers to a rights-based expansion of India’s development paradigm – one that will create opportunities and conditions for each individual to live with dignity, to achieve his/her potential and to thrive, irrespective of any perceived disadvantages at birth. In India, despite laws that recognize and protect their rights, persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (PwIDDs) are regularly mistreated and denied basic human dignity. The report “Count Me In: Building an inclusive ecosystem for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities aims to change the way India perceives intellectual and developmental disabilities altogether. The report approaches this issue using the social model of disability. As per this model, disability is less a medical condition and more a social one, wherein social barriers such as prejudice and inaccessible infrastructure affect the ability of PwIDDs to participate in society. Using this framework, the report places PwIDDs at the center of its approach to understand the challenges they face across various life stages. It identifies key gaps in services and highlights strategic areas for investment and action to enable effective inclusion of PwIDDs. The report also profiles ten outstanding non-profit organizations that are working in this space.

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