Dhruv Khaitan

Strategic Philanthropy | Jul, 2018

A serial entrepreneur, Dhruv Khaitan has helped conceptualise, create and scale high-technology ventures in India and has strategically mentored these companies through their inception, growth and eventual divestment. Over the last year, he began to consider how his expertise can help create catalytic growth for organisations in the nonprofit sector. Whilst he had already been funding midsized organisations to help them scale, he now believes that he can multiply the effect of every rupee he contributes by directly engaging with nonprofits and providing them with strategic direction and guidance. With this goal in mind, Dhruv is building a Strategic Support Group (SSG), which brings together professionals, experts, business people and donors who are interested in giving their time to build the capacities of the nonprofits they support. These individuals, including Dhruv himself, use the skills they developed in their professional practices to bring new capabilities to organisations in areas such as strategy, technology, marketing, financial planning, process excellence, scaling, unit economics, innovation and government relations. The SSG also facilitates synergistic partnerships between nonprofits that have complementary strengths. The idea behind bringing partners together is to provide access to and encourage them to share best practices, skills, knowledge and experiences. Nonprofits working together can also fulfil their strategic objectives of scaling and expanding to new geographies rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel alone. Providing strategic support along with capital amplifies the impact of Dhruv’s philanthropy, enabling nonprofits to scale efficiently and effectively and achieve better and faster outcomes. Over the next few years, he aims to build a sector-agnostic portfolio of 5 to 6 organisations that the SSG can support in a meaningful way.

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