T for Toilets: The Case for Sanitation in Schools

Urban Sanitation | Mar, 2016

Building toilets in schools increases attendance by 11% and improves overall sanitation in India. The government has called on corporates to play a part in improving India’s sanitation infrastructure by focusing on building and managing separate toilets in schools through CSR activities. Dasra’s report, T for Toilets, outlines the rationale for better school sanitation, highlights government initiatives that set sanitation as a national priority, and draws a roadmap for private sector investment in the sanitation sector.

More than providing access to toilets in schools by constructing new toilets or renovating existing facilities, T for Toilets identifies key focus areas to provide real and universal school sanitation in India. These include pairing the construction of toilets with comprehensive health and hygiene education to ensure community buy-in. Also critical is to provide managerial and technical training about sanitation delivery to school leadership, teachers and parents of schoolchildren to allow them to advocate for themselves with urban local bodies and municipalities and ensure the maintenance and sustainability of school sanitation facilities. Finally, to partner with local government to effectively implement programs without delay and leverage government resources. 

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