Entrepreneurship and philanthropy are closely linked: Nandan Nilekani

Strategic Philanthropy | May, 2017

Nandan Nilekani, Co-founder of Infosys effectively leverages his skills and network which he developed as an entrepreneur to create maximum impact through his philanthropic initiatives. Apart from funding the organization, he actively engages with the leadership and even offers his technical expertise to them.

He urges philanthropist to utilize their network from businesses, government, universities, companies & think tanks to amplify the impact of their philanthropy. Stressing on importance of collaborative action to tackle India’s big development challenges, he says, “I believe that some of the large problems that we need to solve require a more strategic approach which requires to look at the problem in its totality, in a holistic manner and work with business, with governments, with nonprofits, work with technology solutions and see how systematically you can address those challenges.”

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