Dasra Philanthropy Guide 2 - Giving as a Family

Strategic Philanthropy | Mar, 2018

The seriousness, scale and complexity of India’s development challenges, from rising inequality to extreme poverty and climate change, are quickly outpacing the ability of our government to single-handedly address them. While Indian philanthropy has matured significantly over the years, with private donations making up 32% of total contributions to the development sector in India in 2016, this exponential rise in philanthropy comes with an increased responsibility to ensure that philanthropic capital is disbursed in a way that creates maximum impact. This may be easy to say but requires givers to adopt a great deal of strategic thinking and planning.

To share one’s philanthropy with loved ones can be a very meaningful if not overwhelming experience. The aim of the Dasra Philanthropy Guide, Giving As a Family, is to help donors navigate this journey. The guide sets out key considerations and poses guiding questions to help philanthropists examine how they might approach this particular form of partnership.

It is valuable and enriching to share philanthropy as a family with loved ones. This guide, second in a series of guides, is simple and informative and can be read as a family.

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