Impact At Scale

Adolescents | Mar, 2015

India is home to the largest number of illiterate women in the world. Over 3.7 million girls are out of school. Girls in India average less than four years of education, roughly 40% leave school before they reach Class 5, and for every 100 girls, only one reaches Class 12. Additionally, most school facilities in India are not girl-friendly, which significantly hampers attendance. For instance, only 55% of schools in India have toilets for girls, and only 42% of teachers are female. Several socio-economic factors contribute to the poor state of girls’ education in India, including regressive attitudes towards education of the girl child, low quality of education, teacher shortage, poverty, and a lack of support from parents and communities. Dasra’s case study, Impact @ Scale, focuses on the journey of Educate Girls (EG) and its use of impact assessment as a means to develop a scalable model. It explores how within a decade, EG grew from working in 50 schools to 10,500, bringing 80,000 girls back to school.

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