Good to Great: Taking the Governance Leap in India

Democracy & Governance | Mar, 2015

Dasra’s report, Good to Great, highlights key challenges and solutions to creating governance that is open, accountable, participatory, inclusive and responsive to the needs of all Indians, from policymaking to the delivery of services on the ground.
Good to Great covers key themes to build a strong and enabling eco-system for good governance in India.
First, it outlines how the media needs to come into its role as a stakeholder, since an independent, inclusive and accessible media can have a tremendous impact on governance and accountability. The report also covers how local governance and direct citizen participation and engagement are integral to lasting participation beyond the act of casting a vote every few years. Another recommendation is to involve and improve women’s participation and leadership in governance structures, which is shown to lower corruption, improve policy outcomes, and increase attention to urgent social issues.
Finally, technology should be used to bring greater efficiency to government systems, processes and interactions.

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