Birth Right: Saving Newborns is Everybody's Business

Adolescents | Mar, 2015

India accounts for the highest burden of newborn deaths in the world. Sadly, 75% of these deaths can be prevented through simple, low-cost measures. Birth Right analyzes India’s newborn mortality crisis and highlights opportunities and models for corporate engagement in newborn care in India. It analyzes the issue through the six focus areas identified in the Lancet series on newborn survival: essential medical equipment and drugs, health workforce, service delivery, community ownership and participation, health financing, and health information systems.

Investing in newborn care will generate substantial economic and social returns since most of these deaths are preventable. Shockingly, 50% of the world’s neonatal tetanus deaths occur in just six Indian states, a condition that can be prevented by giving a pregnant woman two 20-cent injections. In resource-poor environments, incorporating techniques such as promoting breastfeeding, keeping babies safe from infection, and training in resuscitation techniques would need only USD 1.15 per person.

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