India Philanthropy Report 2019

Strategic Philanthropy | Mar, 2019

The 9th edition of the India Philanthropy Report 2019 — ‘Embracing the field approach to achieve India’s Sustainable Development Goals’, developed in collaboration with Bain & Company, talks of the need to embrace a field perspective to achieve India’s Sustainable Development Goals.  The reports delves into the state of India’s funding landscape today, articulates the magnitude of the challenge that we are faced with, and how adopting a field approach when deploying private philanthropy can perform a critical role in achieving these ambitious targets.


This edition of the IPR explores funding trends in the development sector, demonstrating that despite a continuous increase in sector funding thorough contributions by individual philanthropists, CSR, and public funding, the Indian development space still requires significant additional funding to achieve the SDGs. IPR 2019 notes however, that achieving SGDs by 2030 not only requires a radical increase in funding but also a coordinated effort among stakeholders across the spectrum, to come together and work collectively towards shared goals.


In the report, four case studies highlight this ‘Field Approach’ where non-profits, corporates, government and philanthropists have successfully worked towards eradicating malaria and controlling tobacco consumption, and are presently seeking to address sectoral challenges relating to urban sanitation and adolescent empowerment. The report concludes by describing the key themes that emerge from these cases that form the principles of a field approach and calls for Indian philanthropy to take a more ambitious and holistic view towards creating impact at scale.

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