Collaborative Action: Empowering 10 to 19

Adolescents | Mar, 2019

In March 2018, Dasra, in partnership with Bank of America, published Collaborative Force: Empowering 10 to 19, the first report in a series that aims to illustrate the vital role of collaboratives in advancing India’s development agenda, and outline the building blocks that enable their effective functioning to multiply impact. It outlined four key phases of work involved in setting the stage for a collaborative – Initiation, Design, Launch and Start-Up. Collaborative Action: Empowering 10 to 19 – the second report in the series – aims to dive deeper into the Start-Up phase of a collaborative, leading with the experience of the 10to19 Collaborative and weaving in best practices shared by sector experts. It outlines key considerations across various stages of the Start-Up phase: translating strategy to action, selecting non-profit partners, and establishing practices for effective collaboration between members. Leveraging Dasra’s 20 years of experience in conducting due diligence on over 1100 non-profit organizations across several sectors, the report focuses heavily on how collaboratives can effectively use due diligence as a tool for selecting implementing partners.

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