Rohini Nilekani strongly advocates strategic and collaborative philanthropy

Strategic Philanthropy | May, 2017

Rohini Nilekani, Founder-Chairperson, Arghyam began her journey as a philanthropist in 2004 by combining her political self as well as my philosophical self. After working in the sector for almost a decade, she realized that people do need to use their networks, their circles of influence to talk about how wealth in India should be used. “We are in a country where there are still 600 million people who are waiting to be in the same room as us, and I think the responsibility of wealth in India is very different from other countries in the West,” she adds.

She urges the government to transform philanthropy in India by removing current regulatory barriers to set up non-profits and making it easier to fund initiatives. “We now need to move beyond charity and adopt much more strategic and collaborative philanthropy,” she concludes.

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