Situation of adolescents in Jharkhand: Topline findings from a state-wide survey

Adolescents | Mar, 2019

A key focus of the 10to19 Adolescents Collaborative is building a robust body of data and evidence for the adolescent health and wellbeing sector in India that will inform effective policies and programs for the empowerment of youngpeople. In this vain, we are undertaking an external evaluation to measure the efficacy of our programs and the baseline survey is part of this effort. The survey, conducted across the state of Jharkhand, was conducted to assess the situation and needs of adolescents in the state across all the various dimensions of their life- their education, transition to work, health, entry to sexual and married life, agency awareness of rights and entitlements and more. This report presents topline findings from this study to present a state wide picture of the situation of adolescents and will be followed by a detailed report of district wide findings. Our hope is for this report and the data presented here to reach key governmental and civil society actors and further underscore the urgent need to invest in adolescents in the state.

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