The Power of Now: Making the Case for Giving to India

Strategic Philanthropy | Dec, 2019
Despite its high rate of economic growth, India’s development problems remain large, complex and urgent. However the country is far from raising the volume of funds required to sustainably address its these challenges at the scale and pace urgently required. The Power of Now: Making the Case for Giving to India is an effort to highlight the urgent need and incredible potential for global philanthropy to supplement local efforts towards disrupting India’s linear progression to creating social impact at scale. Broadly, the report focuses on:
·   Showcasing the strength, credibility and vibrancy of the country’s philanthropy sector today, and making a case for global giving to India.
·   Tracing the journeys and approaches of a few thoughtful and engaged global philanthropists who are giving to India and calling for many more philanthropists to follow in their footsteps.
·   Profiling case studies of seven inspiring, systems-focused and innovative initiatives that together represent the incredible promise that India’s development sector holds to impact millions and set an example for development that the world aspires to learn from.
·   Suggesting clear action steps to four key stakeholder groups – global givers, foundations, nonprofits and ecosystem players – looking to drive large-scale impact in India through global philanthropy.
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