Over the years, Dasra has worked on several issues in response to the needs in the development sector, such as disaster relief post the Tsunami of 2004. This is a collection of some of our work undertaken periodically to address such pressing challenges. 


Gain perspective on emerging discussions shaping the development landscape in India.
  • Impact India

    India’s social sector works in an environment where the magnitude of need and scarcity of resources create a crucible of innovation that can produce insights for the world. In light of this, the second annual issue of Impact India (produced by The Bridgespan Group, Dasra, and Stanford Social...

  • A Guide to Technology for Non-Profit Organizations

    This handbook is an introductory guide to understanding technology execution and is specifically designed for non-profit organizations.

  • Developing Community Exchanges

    Over 12,000 Indians were killed and thousands rendered homeless by the tsunami caused due to an earthquake in the Indian Ocean on 26 December, 2004. Dasra, in the course of its relief efforts in the aftermath, found community exchanges to be one of the most inclusive and cost-effective ways to...

  • Giving Effectively During Natural Disasters

    In the past few years, a number of natural disasters spanning the globe have created significant destruction and havoc in the lives of millions of people – Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar (2008); earthquakes in Haiti (2010) and Nepal (2015); floods in the Dominican Republic and the UK (2007); the...