Strategic Giving

India has added more than 100 million donors since 2009, and more than a third of current donors expect their donations to increase over the next five years. Corporate Social Responsibility spending is also estimated to unlock as much as INR 20,000 crore annually for the Indian social sector. Donors are also making a gradual yet significant shift away from traditional giving, towards a more strategic approach to philanthropy that emphasizes on being better aware of sectors and relevant organizations, measuring impact, leveraging existing resources, and collaborating with multiple stakeholders to achieve maximum impact. Dasra believes that to unlock this massive potential, it is critical to build structures that enable donors to give more and give smarter.


Gain perspective on emerging discussions shaping the development landscape in India.
  • A Generation Ahead: Helping India's next-gen philanthropists succeed

    As Next Generation Philanthropists are poised to inherit the legacy of their giving families and respond to the needs of modern society, this study uncovers insights to help NGPs become more strategic donors and encourage and inform conversations among multiple generations. 

  • India Philanthropy Report 2018

    Now in its eighth edition, India Philanthropy Report 2018 is a collaborative effort by Dasra and Bain. Based on over 30 interviews, It identifies four key mindsets of strategic givers, defines steps to embrace them and shares examples of philanthropists who have successfully done so. 

  • Giving As A Family

    Dasra's Philanthropy Guide, ‘Giving As a Family’ aims to help donors share their philanthropy with loved ones. The guide sets out key considerations and poses guiding questions to help philanthropists examine how they might approach this particular form of partnership. 

  • Philanthropy Roadmap

    Building a plan for your philanthropy, while exciting, can also be an overwhelming experience. This brief guide is designed to simplify your planning process and provide an overview of issues that you may want to consider as you carve your own path to effective philanthropy.

  • India Philanthropy Report 2017

    Now in its seventh edition, the India philanthropy report 2017 is a collaborative effort by Dasra and Bain. In addition to highlighting the quantum of funds channeled to the development sector in India and trends in giving, this year’s report goes beyond and focuses on the evolving approaches...

  • Bringing Foundations and Governments Closer

    This report outlines the current state of foundation-government collaboration in India, challenges they face in partnering with each other, and important cornerstones and solutions that can promote more effective collaborations between these inflential actors with the goal of furthering key...

  • Landscape of Philanthropic Foundations in India

    Corporate philanthropy in India has by and large taken the form of individual family philanthropy with little or no linkage to the original business models from which they emerge, leading to several questions regarding its sustainability and impact. There is now a growing trend however, towards...

  • Strengthening Philanthropic Giving and Impact Investing

    Domestic private actors are supporting the work of civil society organizations and social enterprises, and they are facing challenges in doing so. There is decreasing support from international development institutions as well.  

  • Aavishkaar India Micro Venture Capital Fund - A Case Study

    Promoting Micro and Small Enterprises (MSMEs) is an important strategy to achieve sustained growth and economic prosperity, particularly in the world’s less developed countries. MSMEs are constantly faced with challenges to scale, in terms of funding, labor, regulations and supporting...

  • Indian CSR and Companies Act 2013

    Through the Companies Act, 2013, the Indian government recently made Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities mandatory for companies that, in any of the three preceding financial years, had: (i) net profits of USD 769,000 or more; or (ii) net worth of USD 76.92 million or more; or (iii)...

  • Assessing Impact of Corporate and Family Foundations

    In India, the field of impact assessment in the social sector is marked by varying approaches and a lack of standardization. Foundations and individuals have each developed their own impact assessment approaches independently, but their experiences have not yet coalesced into a consistent body of...

  • Growing Early Stage Social Businesses in India

    An increasing number of investors are interested in funding businesses that yield both, financial and social returns. However, currently there is a disconnect between the supply of impact investment capital from investors and demand for capital from social businesses. Dasra’s report, Investing in...

  • Trends and Priorities in the Foundation Sector in the 21st Century

    Foundations are among the largest and most influential civil society actors in today’s world, with the power to significantly influence the global development agenda. Dasra’s whitepaper ‘Funding in the 21st Century - Trends and Priorities in the Foundation Sector‘  delineates the top five...

  • Grantmaking with a Gender Lens

    All donors have one thing in common – they want to make a difference to the most marginalized populations. Dasra’s whitepaper ‘In Sight’ will help grant makers realize how adopting a gendered approach will create deeper impact and improved returns. It puts the onus on both, the givers (funders)...