Strategic philanthropy will play an important role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for all Indians, by 2030. Considering philanthropic contributions to the development sector have multiplied nearly tenfold over the last decade, there is immense potential to transform India with strategic giving.

To impact a greater number of lives – how you give, is more critical than how much you give. Dasra’s 19 years of grant-making experience has helped us define the principles of strategic giving. We drive individual philanthropists, families, foundations and corporates to collaborate with non-profits, government and other stakeholders, as ‘development risk capital’ providers , to scale up impact.



Given that philanthropy is deeply personal, there are no simple steps to achieve the change you want to bring in the world. Dasra shapes your philanthropic roadmap by asking powerful questions, sharing best practices, exposing you to ground realities and enabling you to engage with other likeminded philanthropists. Our immersive donor education programs, extensive network of non-profits and open-source research reports will guide you from philanthropic aspirations to real impact.

Being a strategic giver means providing ‘patient capital’ that achieves results and transforms lives. Dasra leads with an outcome-based approach to your grant-making, ensuring that social change achieves results. Our robust community of like-minded funders and inspiring non-profit leaders help you clarify the root cause of issues, highlight path-breaking solutions and create a multiplier effect through collaborative giving platforms.


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