[Dasra Giving Circle] Open Circles on Using ICTs for Health
Last updated on : 16 June 2016
16 June 2016

Dasra is looking for a group of passionate individuals interested in joining a Dasra Giving Circle to create social change on maternal and child health in India. Joining a Dasra Giving Circle enables individuals interested in philanthropy to collaborate with peers in an informed, meaningful way to analyze and support high impact nonprofits, assess their philanthropic contributions and improve the impact of their giving.

Why Support Maternal and Child?

India accounts for the largest share of maternal (16%) and child deaths (27%) in the world. A majority of these deaths could be prevented, if only women, families and last-mile health workers could access basic health information and services.

Information and communication technology (ICT) is a potential game-changer for the last mile reach to provide basic health solutions to those that are misinformed or lack access to information. Additionally, the use of technology also helps nonprofits train community health workers, implement behavior change communication, monitor and evaluate programs and improve health system management and accountability.

With India being the world's second largest telecom market (over 1 billion phone subscriptions and 267 million internet subscriptions) and the government’s Digital India push to connect every village in India with mobile and broadband by 2020; the use of ICTs will be able to provide a real opportunity to reduce preventable maternal and child mortality, as well as inefficiencies in health services and systems.

Which Organizations to Support?

Through our research and due diligence process, we have identified three creditable high-impact nonprofits.


SEWA Rural is a non-profit that provides healthcare to underserved tribal communities in Bharuch and Narmada districts of Gujarat. SEWA Rural works to improve performance and supervision of government health workers (ASHA) through a mobile-based application – ImTeCHO.

The app provides support to ASHAs throughout the continuum of care starting from the beginning of pregnancy till the child completes two years. Functionally, ASHAs use the app every day to check their daily schedule, guide home visitations, record services provided on monthly health and nutrition day, track high-risk cases, and record births and deaths.

ImTeCHO is currently active in 3 districts in Gujarat and engages 600 ASHAs directly who in turn serve over 35,989 pregnant women.

Scale plans: They are looking to expand to 300 more villages reaching approximately 300,000 people.


Swasth Foundation operates a network of primary health centres in Mumbai’s slums. Each centre provides comprehensive primary preventive care services (medical consultation, medicines, diagnostics, day care procedures, school health programs) at lower-than-market rates.

Their I.T. enabled backend helps them store, manage and analyze the center’s performance, monitor doctor’s efficiency and get feedback from the patients served and improve performance of the center.

Swasth has serviced over 400,000 customers and reduced public health care expenditure by over INR 70,805,238

Scale Plans: They are looking to expand to 52 centres covering all of Mumbai, serving 70% of all low-income population


ARMMAN leverages the high penetration of mobile telephony in India, and provides pregnant women and new mothers with timed and targeted health related information, equipping them to take informed decisions for themselves and their family’s health.

Their mMitra and Phone Sakhi services cover urban and rural India, respectively, with targeted call services that send voice messages twice a week with information on preventive care to enrolled pregnant women and mothers, from the first month of pregnancy till the first year of the child’s life.

The Phone Sakhi service also includes one-minute animations with key information related to mother and child health.

Scale Plans: They are looking to expand to Delhi and other metro cities

Interested in supporting these organizations?

Visit our website to learn more about Dasra Giving Circles or find non-profits to support. For more information contact us on johnpaul@dasra.org