Towards a transformed India, where a billion thrive
with dignity and equity

Dasra drives collaborative action to accelerate social change

In 1999, Dasra began as a venture philanthropy fund to invest in early-stage non-profit organisations in India. We recognised early that we had the responsibility, the capability, the connections, and the energy to be a notable change agent.

Dasra has evolved from being a philanthropy fund to a bridge between NGOs and funders, and now, two decades later, it has cemented its identity as a leading nonprofit systems orchestrator working with diverse stakeholders across the social impact ecosystem.



Our purpose is complex and challenging;
achieving it requires a dynamic strategy.


Moving the needle for the most vulnerable on SDG priorities

India for the world,
the world for India

Championing philanthropy
and impact


Incubating 50+ collaborative
action platforms

Systems Change

Leveraging our assets to
accelerate social change


Our program initiatives are grouped based
on their primary focus, without
undermining the overlap amongst them.

Adolescents and Youth

Collaboration Driven

Dasra's youth initiatives, 10to19 Collaborative and Youth Ke Bol focus on empowering 15 million Indian adolescents, especially girls and a million youth, for enhanced access to health services, aiming for systemic, youth-centric change and improve policy through collaborative action and leadership development.

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Catalytic Philanthropy

Philanthropy Focus

The Catalytic Philanthropy division enhances philanthropy by off ering bespoke funder advisory, building NGO capacity, and providing research and insights to ensure long-term, impactful funding and informed, strategic action in the philanthropic sector.

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Collaboration Driven

ClimateRISE Alliance is a collaborative with over 65 partners aiming to enhance climate resilience in India, focusing on vulnerable communities by fostering consensus, integrating narratives for climate action, developing strategic partnerships, and mobilizing resources for community-centered climate action.

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Gender Equity

Collaboration Driven

Dasra is spearheading the WomenLead India Alliance to synergize efforts in promoting women's leadership across business, philanthropy, and development sectors. Their focus includes advancing women in India's private healthcare leadership and blending philanthropic efforts with gender equity.

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Philanthropy Focus

GivingPi is an exclusive network for India's philanthropic families to boost giving, share insights, and tackle India's social challenges together, aiming to significantly enhance the non-profit sector's funding and foster a more inclusive India.

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Community First

ImpactPi by Dasra offers programs enhancing leadership, strategy, and resilience among nonprofits, with initiatives for leader cultivation, data empowerment, youth philanthropy education, and NGO data use enhancement, fostering collaborative growth and social impact.

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Informal Workers

Community First

Social Compact collaborates with organizations to improve the conditions of informal workers in India, focusing on fair wages, safety, gender parity, social security, skill development, and government benefits, while aiding companies in responsible, transparent business practices.

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Project Tech4Dev

Collaboration Driven

Project Tech4Dev enhances tech and data use in Global South nonprofits through initiatives in software platforms, strategic tech leadership, data upskilling, and a professional community of practice for operational sustainability and impact scaling.

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Rebuild India Fund

Community First

Rebuild invests in local leaders to empower communities and foster sustainable development. They prioritize inclusive funding processes, collaboration with NGOs, and advocate for trust-based philanthropy, minimizing bureaucracy to enable NGOs to concentrate on effective solutions.

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Transform NEEV Collective

Community First

Transform NEEV Collective, backed by UBS Optimus Foundation, supports vulnerable children in India to grow within families, offering health and education, aiming to prevent child-family separation and institutionalization, and fostering family and community care with Dasra and partners.

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Urban Sanitation

Collaboration Driven

Dasra's Urban Sanitation team aims for inclusive and sustainable waste management in South Asia, emphasizing collaboration and cross-learning across India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, and leading the NFSSM Alliance to improve sanitation with 60+ partners.

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Over 25 years, Dasra has become a
partner of choice for orchestrating
collaborative action. The impact, across
identified goals, speaks for the success of
Dasra’s approach

Goal 01 - Deepen impact in focused fields through scalable solutions


Lives Impacted
and 50 Policies Advised

Goal 02 - Lead a strategic philanthropy movement with powerful partnerships


Funds Influenced
and 700 Non-Profits Supported

Goal 03 - Foster a trust-based network of stakeholders to grow social capital


Platforms & Partnerships
and 690 Funders Cultivated

Goal 04 - Nurture uncompromising competence in a team inspired by social change


Team Members
working to accelerate change


Dasra Philanthropy Week

11-17 March 2024
Mumbai & Online



Building for the MarginsSep 2023

Sep 2023

Raj Mariwala’s Journey of Pioneering an LGBTQIA+

Lens in Philanthropy and Mental Health.


The Equity Bars

Equality assumes that one size fits all whereas equity understands that people have different challenges and need different resources.

That’s why we created The Equity Bars, a symbol for equity that goes further than the sign of equality.