About the Podcast

After 21 years in the development sector, Dasra co-founder, Deval Sanghavi has met some extraordinary people who have actively shaped the sector and his thinking. Through No-Cost Extension, an interview-style podcast, you will get a first-hand glimpse of India’s development sector from key figures and explore how they have contributed to making a positive impact on India’s future. Each episode will dive into the thematic areas of the guest’s work, explore pivotal moments of success, failures, and altered trajectories.

Join him in No-Cost Extension where he’ll unpack the mechanics of social change with philanthropists, NGO, foundation and community leaders to see how we can create a future where everyone can thrive.

About the Host

Deval Sanghavi is the co-founder of Dasra, a strategic philanthropy organisation based in Mumbai, India.
Follow Deval on Twitter at @Deval_Sanghavi!

No Cost Extension Season 1

The first season of No Cost Extension begins in June 2021, and will be available wherever you get your podcasts.

How to Listen


In light of the ongoing COVID crisis, we are postponing the release of No-Cost Extension podcast episodes.
With India recording over 350,000 new cases on April 25th, our healthcare system has buckled, migrants are leaving cities in droves and marginalized communities across India are once again bearing the brunt of COVID.
Join us in urgently supporting local NGOs to provide last-mile support to communities affected by the crisis.

Visit the websites below to donate

Swasth Foundation | Mumbai

Delivering quality healthcare in Mumbai slums since 2009, fund to operate a 150+ patient COVID care centre, provide medicines and supplies to healthcare workers and provide home care to mild COVID cases preventing overburdening of hospitals.

Aajeevika Bureau | Gujarat

Supporting migrant workers since 2004, fund medical emergency support, food and nutrition, and greater rights from their employers for dignity and equity.

SNEHA | Mumbai

Improving access and quality of healthcare to vulnerable women and children since 1999, fund 8,000+ community-based volunteers to distribute ration packs, supplies to healthcare workers and online counselling to women and children in distress.

No-Cost Extension is produced in collaboration with

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